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Thread: The Running Of The Sardines Leg 2

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    The Running Of The Sardines Leg 2

    The start of the second stage of the Sardinha Cup, the Great Race No. 1, was given Tuesday at 16h20 under sustained conditions. In the program of the 33 tandems that started from Saint-Gilles Croix-de-Vie: two days and 408 nautical miles of navigation between the Gironde estuary and the Glénan archipelago which should make a first selection among the fleet.

    "After a Warm-up that was very well named, this second stage promises to be committed, we knew it was coming, we are there! " When leaving Tuesday afternoon early pontoon No. 8 Saint-Gilles Croix-de-Vie where are aligned 34 Figaro Bénéteau 3 registered on the Sardinha Cup, Yann Eliès, the skipper of Saint-Michel , summed up the context of the second stage of this inaugural race of the French Elite Championship of offshore racing.

    After the summer conditions of the Vendée Warm-up, won Sunday by the duo Alexis Loison-Frédric Duthil (Normandy Region), the Grand Course No. 1, 408 miles long, should mostly run in strong winds and the sea formed, with an alternation of close and wearing edges, transitions to manage, hours at the helm under the spray of water and a lot of adjustments on the deck to adapt to the expected variations of the wind, in force and direction.

    "We are getting into a wider format closer to a stage of Solitaire du Figaro, with muscular conditions for which these boats are made. There will be rockers to play, life on board to organize, I think it will be a complete exercise and we can learn on arrival. The conditions are in any case ideal to calibrate with respect to other boats, "said Fabien Delahaye, co-skipper of Charles Caudrelier on The Hub by OC Sport.

    allimnages © breshi/sardinha cup 2019

    As for Thomas Rouxel, who seconded Lois Berrehar on Bretagne CMB Performance, he added: " We will begin to weave in the northwesterly wind and a trolling sky, with grains probably strong enough, I think we will pick a little. Behind, we wait for a night descent to the estuary of the Gironde, again in strong wind and in the sea. There is a little apprehension because we have never met such conditions , but the Figaro Bénéteau 3 are marine boats and these conditions are also not exceptional ".

    Not exceptional, certainly, but probably sufficient to perform first sorts among the fleet of 33 Figaro Bénéteau 3 who started Tuesday at 4:20 pm in a big fifteen knots northwest and a chopped sea - Hive Energy Will Harris and Eric Péron did not start (the latter changed boats, replacing at short notice Cédric Pouligny, victim of an elbow infection, Action against Hunger). "It will be the one who does not give up and manages to print the rhythm to the end. We will have the right to our way of Compostelle on the edge between BXA (the buoy at the entrance of the estuary of the Gironde)and Glénan in 25 knots upwind, each will have its small cross on the back, I think in the Glénan, sorting is done, it will remain up to the basket jostling on the back, " says Yann Elies.

    One thing is certain: all had obviously a strong desire to do battle in these tough conditions, since they were off with a general recall, a large part of the fleet have crossed the line before the gun. The second start on starboard tack for the 33 boats, was good, with a fight between a large package left of the line, led by Smurfit Kappa (Tom Dolan Damian Foxall), Region Normandy (Alexis Loison-Frédéric Duthil) Royer-Secours Populaire Group (Anthony Marchand Paul Meilhat) Hawapi (Benoît Mariette Clement Bouyssou) Skipper Macif 2019 (Pierre Quiroga-Yoann Richomme) Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant Pascal Bidégorry) or Charal (Beyou-Alan Roberts), and centrists Breizh Cola Equi'Thé (Gildas Mahé-Morgan Lagravière), Brittany CMB Performance (Lois Berrehar-Thomas Rouxel) and Hope (Tom Laperche-Ronan Treussart). The match was launched, result of the races Thursday ...

    Sailors' words:

    Alexis Loison (skipper of Région Normandie): "Change of scenery, atmosphere and format, it will be nice, we will have water on the deck and in our poles, with a first edge towards Saint-Nazaire then a long run under spinnaker that will be very fast. There will be less randomness than on the warm-up run in weaker conditions, but offshore racing is a complete sport where you have to be able to go in all conditions. There, we will be able to see other sails that we did not use on the first stage, the boats will go downwind, which was not the case on the previous stage, we will learn things in view of the continuation of the program ".

    Loïck Peyron (Action Enfance skipper): "The Warm-up wore its name very well: summer and ideal conditions. The second stage will be very different, in the wind, it's good too. We will still be in discovery mode, we are still far from being operational, it requires work, I see that this form of regatta is a real specialty that is not mine. This Sardinha Cup is really interesting, the level is exceptional and there is everything. "

    Damian Foxall (co-skipper of Smurfit Kappa): "We have the right to all the conditions on this Sardinha Cup, with little airs on the first stage, and there, two big races that are getting ready. This second stage promises good conditions for Figaro Bénéteau 3, we start from scratch, we will be able to take off with the foils under spinnaker, we will see for the first time the fleet racing in the wind, it will be nice. I like the format of this Sardinha, it's like a Solitaire du Figaro, but with the same port at each stop. It's fun to be there with an Irish boat, besides, we are not the only foreigners (13 out of 68 sailors at the start), the class is international. "


    Corentin Douguet (skipper of NF Habitat) : "This stage looks much more muscular, it is a good test in life size race for the boats, it is good to do this test in double, it will make it possible to compensate more easily possible worries. For our part, we will try to correct it after our first failed step in terms of score, it began with a 26 th place, we can hardly do better. The stage will be quite selective, with important sails choices, especially between large and small spinnaker when we go down from Saint-Nazaire to the entrance of the Gironde, it will be rich in lessons.

    Martin Le Pape (Skipper Macif 2017): "There will be more of the match. In terms of conditions, we will have relatively strong wind, changing direction and strength, we will have to adapt and not break anything, be very vigilant and responsive, but also remain lucid. Personally, I have a new teammate on this race (Thierry Chabagny replaces Charlie Dalin on the second stage), we will discover everything together, it is a challenge of more. But Thierry showed in Figaro Bénéteau 2 that he was able to win stages in the wind, I think I have the right horse for this stage, I'm happy to leave after a warm-up half-hearted.

    Alberto Bona (skipper of Sebago): "This stage will change the game, it looks much more muscular, it will be cold, these are conditions in which we have never sailed with Ian (Lipinski, his co-skipper ). We do not really have landmarks, we can not wait to see how the boat will behave, the race is also made for that. I think we're going to have fun bearing edges, there's going to be play in the wind rotations, it's going to be a physical and complete stage. "

    Louis Duc (co-skipper of Ma Chance et Moi): "A beautiful regatta awaits us, there will be a lot of changes with a lot of level crossings and a rather complex weather, because it will not be all right all the time. time. There will be many small shots to play, it will be above, as usual on the circuit Figaro Bénéteau.

    Tanguy Le Turquais (skipper Quéguiner): "We clearly missed the Warm-Up with Armand (Jacquelot, the co-skipper), we do not explain it. There we do not want to miss, if we zoom in again, it will not be cool at all. We want to show what we can do on this second stage, because we know we can do beautiful things. We are really motivated and focused for this time to avoid mistakes. With the muscular conditions expected, there will probably be less random, the management and speed of the boat will be more important, it suits us well because with Armand, we like it ".


    This unpublished race will take place from March 26 to April 13, 2019 with a name atypical course. The name came from the circuit made by sardines when they go up our coast from Lisbon. Moreover, during a meeting of members of La Class Figaro Bénéteau in December on the Nautic, the sailors asked us to review the program for this edition. Deliveries of boats sometimes very close to the beginning of the race, the little time of preparation and training for some led us to respond favorably to their request: the three departures and arrivals of the 2019 edition will be made of Port La Life in the Land of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie. The Beneteau Yards being close to the port, this will quickly react to requests or questions from the duos to arrivals. It is important during a first test of a new support to be able to reassure each actor of the race. This name was finally kept by the organizers Team Vendée Formation and the CVGV.
    On the other hand, La Sardinha Cup makes it possible to discover all the trades turning around the maritime sector, that is at sea or on land. This one makes us enjoy a beautiful show with a sailing race just as beautiful as dynamic and a village with a pedagogical and fun aspect.

    The last born of the Bénéteau group, Figaro Bénéteau 3 will make his first
    appearance at the Sardinha Cup . The Figaro Bénéteau 3 is the first monotype foil monohull ever designed. Concentrated in technology and innovation, it is the fruit of a collaboration between the best experts of the Bénéteau group and the Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost architecture firm (VPLP), architects of the last two Vendée Globe winning boats.

    Regarding its dimensions, the length of its hull is 9.75 meters for 3.40 meters wide . It measures 10.85 meters in height and weighs 2900 kilograms.

    Technical question, this one is all the more powerful. The versatile foils that generate the anti-drift add to this little gem and allow him to improve the moment of recovery of the boat without increasing the displacement. Thus, the performance of the boat is much better. From the sides of the sails, the boat has asymmetrical spinnakers, unlike the Figaro 2, which had a single symmetrical spinnaker. This is the current trend for boats that hover very fast. To finish, this masterpiece is born thanks to 4 long and good years that prove to be paying.
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    Must be if Loick can't finish.

    Very fishy.

    Should be sailed in Tuna boats.

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    Leg 2 Completes In The Sardinha Cup With A Fervor

    After more than 24 hours of a long and chilling close-up, Le Hub by OC Sport (Charles Caudrelier-Fabien Delahaye) crossed Thursday morning in the lead mark of the Glénan Mare, followed by Breizh Cola Equi'Thé (Gildas Mahé-Morgan Lagravière) and Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant-Pascal Bidégorry). Now 100 miles from a descent probably very fast to Saint-Gilles Croix-de-Vie where the first are expected Thursday afternoon.

    It will have been very long this edge of nearly 165 miles between the buoy BXA, at the entrance to the estuary of the Gironde, crossed Wednesday at 5:15 by the first, and that of the Mare Glénan! It took the peloton more than 28 hours to finally finish with what Yann Eliès, skipper of St Michel, compared before the departure of Saint-Gilles Croix-de-Vie to a "path of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle with his little cross on his back " , in a medium northwest wind on the road, the sea, and especially a cold that almost comforted the sailors forced to abandon this stage for various technical breaks to have returned prematurely to the port (seven in all, the last arrived Wednesday evening being Oman Sail 1 of the tandem Ali Al Balushi-Julien Villion).

    "Quickly the arrival, you must really cold! " Confided Fabien Delahaye Wednesday around 17h when walking along the island of Yeu. The Normand put his words into action, since it is The Hub by OC Sport, of which he is co-skipper alongside Charles Caudrelier, who was one of the most knowledgeable during this long close-up and crossed the Glénan Mare in the lead Thursday morning shortly after 8:30, with on his heels Gildas Mahé and Morgan Lagravière, which were also quite impressive between Aquitaine and Brittany, going up several places. Third, Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant-Pascal Bidégorry), who led BXA, remains in the match for the win, as does Groupe Royer-Secours Populaire (Anthony Marchand-Paul Meilhat) who follows him as his shadow.

    After the close, up to the arrival at Saint-Gilles Cross-of-Life to a descent of less than ten hours in a westerly wind of 15-20 knots, turning little by little to the southwest, which should allow a large part of the 26 boats still at sea to arrive between 17h and nightfall. And to taste a hot dish ...


    At the end of a breathtaking finish and 2 days 1 hour 32 minutes and 16 seconds of sea, the tandem Pierre Leboucher-Erwan Tabarly (Guyot Environment) has cut in the finish line of the Great Race No. 1, second stage of the Sardinha Cup (408 miles, coefficient 3), Thursday at 17h52'16 at Saint-Gilles Croix-de-Vie. He was 3'09 over Skipper Macif 2017 (Martin Le Pape-Thierry Chabagny), while Britain's CMB Performance (Lois Berrehar-Thomas Rouxel) completed the podium at 4'46. At the same time, Guyot Environnement took control of the provisional general classification after two stages ahead of St Michel (Yann Eliès-Sam Davies) and Breizh Cola Equi'Thé (Gildas Mahé-Morgan Lagravière).

    After the aperitif in the light weather of the Vendée Warm-up, the second leg of the Sardinha Cup served a hearty dish of resistance to 33 tandems left Tuesday Saint-Gilles Cross of Life at 16:20, with a cocktail of strong wind The sea was formed and temperatures very low that used boats and sailors, many being those who confided to the arrival to be relieved to finish. The reddened eyes, the swollen hands and the salt-eaten skin on both sides testified to the arrival of the hardness of this Great Race No. 1 which will also have reserved a lot of twists.

    The first part of the stage was indeed dominated by the tandem composed of Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant-Pascal Bidégorry) and The Hub by OC Sport (Charles Caudrelier-Fabien Delahaye) - the first leading in the morning on Wednesday at BXA, at the entrance of the Gironde Estuary, the second Thursday at 8:30 am at the Glénan Mare. The last 100-mile rim between Finistere South and Vendée then completely reshuffled the cards in favor of boats that had passed the 10th place at Glénan and finally won the three podium places in the finish. the Guyot Environnement order (Pierre Leboucher-Erwan Tabarly), Skipper Macif 2017 (Martin Le Pape-Thierry Chabagny) and Brittany CMB Performance (Lois Berrehar-Thomas Rouxel).

    "We really sailed just following the trajectory that we had in mind for a while, that is to say, rather to be above the road and off on the section between Glénan and the finish. Well we took, since all those who made the most direct route were less quickly, " commented on arrival" the former "Thierry Chabagny, called at short notice by Martin Le Pape to replace Charlie Dalin on this second step and showed that he was still performing well in the breeze. On the losing side, Gildas Mahé, who was sixth in the Breizh Cola Equi'Thé stage, having had the victory in the line of sight at the beginning of the afternoon, could only see the damage:"We did not take enough margin in the descent of the Mare and the others went off. We had a lot of advance, maybe we paid less attention to them. And especially, we fell in a big soft behind a cloud, there was more air, we lost big on this one. "

    The proponents of the offshore route have benefited, and if Skipper Macif 2017 has tackled the passage under the island of Yeu 20 miles from the finish, he finally had to give the victory in pure speed to Guyot Environnement , giving Pierre Leboucher, 38, a former 470 specialist, his first win in Figaro, who is playing his third season on the circuit. "We had fun on this stage, we fought well on the descent, our option was good, we also had a very good speed, we made a beautiful remontada! " , Rejoiced the happy winner, paying tribute to his co-skipper Erwan Tabarly who was able to speak his experience of Figaro to convince him not to change his strategy during the descent to the island of Yeu:"There are times when I wanted to slip into the beans, but Erwan was quite radical in telling me he had to stay high, it paid off, he also did a great job at the helm. "

    An Erwan Tabarly who explained: "This morning passing Glénan, we did not think too much about victory, our goal was just to pass the boats in front of us one by one, but over the last stretch, there is believed, and even more before the island of Yeu where we were still under gennak while the boats below had gone under jib, a sail smaller. We managed to pass, we are really happy. " This stage victory allows in any case the tandem to temporarily take orders overall (front panel) before StMichel (Yann Elies-Sam Davies), 4 th on this Great Race No. 1, and Breizh Cola Equi'Thé (Gildas Mahé-Morgan Lagravière). However, nothing is played before the long third leg (starting Tuesday), the Great Race No. 2, which awaits the 34 tandems entered on this Sardinha Cup, and which should probably also book a lot of surprises ...

    Sailors' words:

    Pierre Leboucher (skipper of Guyot Environnement, 1st of the 2nd stage): "It's my first victory in Figaro, it's really nice, we had a lot of fun on this race, we fought well on the descent, our option was good, we also had a very good speed, we we made a beautiful remontada! We knew that the wind was going to refuse as we went, so we had to stay high, it was not easy, because there were times when we wanted to slip into the beans, but Erwan was Radical enough to tell me we had to stay high, it paid off, and at the end, we fought hard to pass Skipper Macif 2017, Erwan did a great job at the helm. The first place in the general? The points, we will count at the end, we were happy on this stage, it is a good surprise to win, we will continue to work.

    Martin Le Pape (skipper of Skipper Macif 2017, 2nd): "We had a bad start on the Warm-up, but on this stage, thanks to one or two small shots, we managed to get back to the top pack. We were even first at Yeu Island, but Guyot was faster. We are still very happy with this second place, it gives confidence for the future, and above all, it's my best result on the circuit Figaro, I'm happy to share with Thierry who returns to business, it is not so old and bad as that (laughs). Now, we'll have to do the same on the third stage, it was really a great time with Thierry, but I can not wait for Charlie to get back on the job. "

    Loïs Berrehar (skipper of Bretagne CMB Performance, 3rd): "It was engaged, nagging, we had wind almost all the time, with a lot of grain and instability, so maneuvers and changes of sails, no was not easy. We started well because we skirt the first buoy in the second place, then we made a bad choice of sail, we let a good dozen boats, but we manage to rebuild at the end in the breeze under zero code in keeping a good trajectory, but it was not won. It had to be on the alert all the time. "

    Yann Eliès (skipper of StMichel, 4th): "A stage that I played with a great teammate of shock, we made the pair, we got along very well, we managed to rest well until the Mare Glénan, and then, we have "avoiné", even if we did not make the perfect road, some were better than us, but we are happy to be fourth from as far away. On this last edge, it was necessary to attack under gennaker and to try to be all the time above the road, to make the best use of the waves, to be at bottom in driving and from time to time to scoop inside, it was really hard, we are seriously bummed. "

    Achille Nebout (co-skipper of Groupe SNEF, 5th): "For a baptism of fire, I was well served, we had all the conditions, wind, rain, grain, petrol, cold we are happy with the result, we were in the game from start to finish, we did a great step, but we are well tired. It took a lot of sail changes at the end. There was some great fighting on the water, it was really fun. "


    Here is the order of finish of the 2nd stage of the Sardinha Cup (408 miles, coefficient 3):

    1. Guyot Environnement (Pierre Leboucher-Erwan Tabarly), arrived at 17h52'16 after 2 days 1 hour 32 minutes and 16 seconds
    2. Skipper Macif 2017 (Martin Le Pape-Thierry Chabagny) at 3'09
    3. Bretagne CMB Performance ( Loïs Berrehar-Thomas Rouxel) at 4'46
    4. StMichel (Yann Elias-Sam Davies
    ) at 9'5
    . SNEF Group (Xavier Macaire-Achille Nebout) at 10'05 6. Breizh Cola Equi'Thé (Gildas Mahé-Morgan Lagravière) at 10'31
    7. Hub by OC Sport (Charles Caudrelier-Fabien Delahaye) at 13'35
    8. Royer Group (Anthony Marchand-Paul Meilhat) at 16'51
    9. Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant-Pascal Bidégorry) at 36'41
    10. Brittany CMB Hope (Tom Laperche-Ronan Treussart)
    11. Action Against Hunger (Benjamin Schwartz-Eric Péron)
    12. Quéguiner (Tanguy Turquay-Armand de Jacquelot)
    13. Normandy Region (Alexis Loison-Frédéric Duthil)
    14. Skipper Macif 2019 (Pierre Quiroga-Yoann Richomme)
    15. Ethical Power (Conrad Colman-Sébastien Marsset), 1st rookie
    16 Charal (Jérémie Beyou-Alan Roberts)
    17. TeamWork (Justine Mettraux-Gwénolé Gahinet)
    18. Oman Sail 2 (Sami Al Shukaili-Nicolas Lunven)
    19. Sebago (Alberto Bona-Ian Lipinski), 2nd Frisky
    20. Smurfit Kappa ( Tom Dolan-Damian Foxall)
    21. Hawapi (Benoit Mariette-Clément Bouyssou)

    Still at sea at 9:15 pm Thursday, April 4th:
    22. Emile Henry Rave (Erwan Draoulec-Clarisse Crémer)
    23. Team Vendée Formation (Vincent Domand-Benjamin Dutreux)
    24. South Slope (André Morante-Roland Montagny)
    25. Proludic Gulf of Morbihan Vannes Agglomeration (Benoît Hochart-Pierre Colombel)
    26. Eurêka (Henri Leménicier-Kevin Bloch)

    Abandonment: Niji (Gildas and Gaston Morvan), Childhood Action (Loïck Peyron-Amélie Grassi), Oman Sail 1 (Ali Al Balushi-Julien Villion), NF Habitat (Corentin Douguet-Corentin Horeau), Atlantic Youth Trust (Joan Mulloy-Mike Golding), Eclisse (Cécile Laguette-Dan Jowett), My Chance Me Also (Robin Marais-Louis Duc)
    Non-runner: Hive Energy (Will Harris)

    The provisional general classification (before jury):

    1. Guyot Environnement (Pierre Leboucher-Erwan Tabarly) 11 points
    St Michel ( Yann Elies-Sam Davies) 19 3. Breizh Cola Equi'Thé (Gildas Mahe-Morgan Lagraviere) 23
    4. Brittany CMB Performance (Lois Berrehar-Thomas Rouxel )
    5. Royer Group (Anthony Marchand-Paul Meilhat) and Skipper Macif 2017 (Martin Le Pape-Charlie Dalin) 27
    7. SNEF Group (Xavier Macaire-Achille Nebout) 29
    8. Hub by OC Sport (Charles Caudrelier-Fabien) Delahaye) 32
    9. Leyton (Arthur The Vaillant-Pascal Bidégorry) 33
    10. Brittany CMB Hope (Tom Laperche-Ronan Treussart) 34
    11. Normandy Region (Alexis Loison-Frédéric Duthil) 40
    12. Skipper Macif 2019 (Pierre Quiroga-Yoann Richomme) 51
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    They are really embracing those Figaros there, aren't they?

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