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Thread: 11 Classe 40's Engage In Defi Atlantique

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    11 Classe 40's Engage In Defi Atlantique

    The Atlantic Challenge Guadeloupe> Horta> La Rochelle is a new race proposed by Grand Pavois Organization with the support of the Class40 and the French Sailing Federation.

    The race? A transatlantic return crew (minimum 2 on board) between La Guadeloupe and La Rochelle via a stopover in Horta in the Azores.
    The perfect opportunity after the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe to return to the race of the West Indies as part of a new appointment listed on the official calendars!

    Photos© Pierrick Garenne / GPO

    From La Guadeloupe to La Rochelle via Horta to the Azores ...
    The Atlantic Challenge will take the Class40s across the Atlantic from West to East ...
    A first race for the Class40s to live in crew!

    ​The dates :

    - Saturday , March 23 , departure from Guadeloupe

    - Monday , April 8th, Horta's departure

    - Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April , ETA in La Rochelle

    They did it ! Loïc Féquet, Benoit Champanhac and Arnaud Le Gal (Tibco) re-entered the Atlantic Challenge fleet tonight. Forced to divert himself shortly after leaving Guadeloupe, Tibco briefly stopped in Bermuda to repair his rudders. Loïc Féquet and his men had since made every effort to rally Horta as quickly as possible to continue their race towards La Rochelle. It has been done since this morning, 3 hours 42 hours ago, when Tibco, having, on the fly and without even berthing, recovered some food in the harbor of Horta, was able to send back the gennaker and cross the line of departure towards the La France.

    So there are eleven Class40s now running fast to La Rochelle, taking advantage of particularly strong conditions, in front of a low-pressure front that pushes them to a load-bearing pace towards the western tip of Spain.

    Where we speak again of 24 hours record ...

    Powerful wind, close to 30 knots, well oriented in the three-quarter rear of the boats, large spinnakers deployed, sea still manageable, and boats maneuvered by 2, 3 or 4 men ... all conditions seem to meet to see by tomorrow at the end of the first 48 hours of racing, impressive numbers of miles traveled in 24 hours. The absolute record for the 12.18 m monohulls of the Class40 was established in November 2017 during the Transat Jacques Vabre by Mach 40.3 N ° 144 of Maxime Sorel, associated with a certain Antoine Carpentier, who officiates on the Challenge. Atlantic aboard another Mach 40, Earendil Catherine Pourre. Vand B had then traveled 377.7 miles at an average speed of 15.7 knots, performances that have been seen since last night at the counters of the main candidates for this stage of the Atlantic Challenge towards La Rochelle. To follow so ...

    Classification at 17:00 French hours:

    1. Pietro Luciani (Earendil - 145)> 996.8 miles from La Rochelle

    2. Aymeric Chappellier (Aïna Childhood and Future - 151)> +3.8 miles

    3. Kito De Pavant (Made in Midi - 142)> +9.3 miles

    4. Andrea Fantini (Enel Green Power - 55)> +11.3 miles

    5. Miranda Merron (Campaign of France - 147)> +20,7 miles

    6. Emmanuel Le Roch (Edenred - 100)> +53.8 miles

    7. Charles-Louis Mourruau (Column XL - 101)> +56.5 miles

    8. Marc Dubos (Scouting Spirit - 81)> +69.4 miles

    9. Arthur Hubert (Athena Real Estate Group - Mer Entreprendre - 152)> +70,8 miles

    10. Franz Bouvet (Yoda - 65)> +93.6 miles

    11. Loïc Fequet (Tibco - 123)> +179.3

    Abandonment. Luke Berry (Lamotte - Creation Module - 153)> Guadeloupe

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    Looks like an interesting race, the 40's are taking off in Europe, wonder why they never really made much impact on the West Coast?

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