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Thread: Barrelling Across the Atlantic : Mission Complete

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    Barrelling Across the Atlantic : Mission Complete

    Report by KERSTIN ZILLMER for Float E-Zine

    Diogenes did it!
    Jean-Jaques Savin reached the latitude into the Caribbean Sea yesterday at 10 pm after 122 days and 9 hours and reached his destination.

    He is by far the most special Atlantic crossing for a long time. Jean-Jacques Savin, 72, has drifted across the Atlantic for four months in a wooden barrel to break the record of his role model Alain Bombard. He had made it to the Caribbean in 1952 with a rubber dinghy. Jean Jaques Savon overtook him yesterday. His mission is fulfilled, he reports proudly from his wine barrel. The adventurer crossed the latitude into the Caribbean last night at 10 pm after 122 days and 9 hours.

    Four months on 6 sqm in the Atlantic
    The barrel captain set off from the island of El Hierro on the Canary Islands on December 26 to cross the Atlantic only with the help of the drift . A thirst for adventure and a desire for freedom were his motor during the four months he spent completely alone in his wine barrel prepared for the sea. The barrel with a diameter of two meters was built in a French cooperage in Ars (Gironde) and is almost three meters long. To be seaworthy, it had been laminated with epoxy and painted bright orange.

    Place enough is well known in the smallest hut. On 6 sqm Savin has a sleeping space, a seating area, a kitchenette, a card table and some storage space. There was no room for a bath, he takes it every day in the Atlantic. All around he can peek at everything that happens around him from small portholes. If, for example, tankers cross his path and he just got away with it. Porthole in the ground through which he can watch the fish.

    The food is scarce
    His great role model Alain Bombard , is known for his scientific studies on the survivability of castaways. He had ventured in a self-experiment in 1952 with a dinghy across the Atlantic. He was on the road for 65 days, allegedly without drinking water or food on board his rubber boat. He had fed on fish, whose squeezed liquid he used as drinking water. On his 4.50 meter long dinghy, he had neither GPS nor satellite positioning, unlike his student. Bombard landed in Barbados.

    I started rationing

    Jean-Jacques Savin has not been able to catch any fish for a week now because his harpoon has no more arrows. Fish are his main meal, he pickles them in the sun of his bin, so they do not have to eat them completely raw. Instead of the important omega-3 fatty acids now only a few canned tuna remain. Even after 4,700 km (calculated in a straight line), this old man is always happy. He bathes every day and writes wonderful news from his bin.

    Finally arrived in the Caribbean, Jean-Jacques plans to publish the photo of his GPS survey to securitize his arrival. When he gets to the coast in about a week, he wants to find a cargo ship that can carry him with his keg. Ideally, he will be driven to Martinique, where his girlfriend and friends are waiting for him.

    Waiting for a freighter like a hitchhiker
    However, there is no way for him to send an emergency signal to ensure that he is being looked after by the emergency services. "In that case, we would sink the barrel. I can not stand the thought that it is at the bottom of the water, "he says. Especially since his "companion," as he calls him, is said to be the subject of exhibitions at festivals and other events where the hero wishes to celebrate. It was granted to him!

    Others have crossed the Atlantic in a crazy way in the past. So float reported about two young Finns, who drove across the Atlantic with a 4.30 m long motorboat with the apt name Psycopaatilla , got off course, were picked up by a cargo ship, allowed to be put up again, then capsized with their boat and finally actually arrived. Also a great story.
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    Pretty amazing. I thought for sure he would have met his maker at some point as some freighter or tanker would splinter his dreams!

    A tip of the hat!

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