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Thread: The Ditch Beckons

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    The Ditch Beckons

    Coming Right Up!

    Register HERE!!!
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    Hoping that summer shows itself in a couple weeks!

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    What is the long term forecast, or do I really want to know?

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    Well this weekend is looking promising for the unofficial kick off of the Summer Season!

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    Ok everyone - Stockton Sailing Club and Richmond Yacht Club are working away on the Delta Ditch Run
    10 Day Forecast - Saturday June 1st - Sunny and 84 degrees and wind West at 12 mph for Stockton Sailing Club.

    So far as today: 67 entries 5-21-19 16:00
    Fastest mono haul Boat: Santa Cruz 52
    Fastest Multi Haul - F- 27 or Beach Cat
    12 - Moore 24's
    9 - Express 27's

    13 Boats in cruising fleet

    Deadline is approaching - Pat Brown SSC

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    111 Boats had a great race. Most boats finishing at 6pm.

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    Moore Fun IN The Ditch

    Sometimes you need to trust not the models!

    Forecasts for the 2019 Ditch Run did not appear to have a good one in their vision.
    And the conditions in the days before did not favor your traditional thermal push, with a hot interior pulling in
    a seabreeze. In fact, all indicators showed a slow warming to the coast the day before, which is the opposite of
    what you hope for on the days before the commitment to charge 65 nm inland.

    Saturday morning's observations did not show the 20-25 southwest winds in places like Fairfield the tip the scales in the right direction.
    The winds at Davis Point and Carquinez were anemic, at 5-9 by the start of the cruising fleet, but at the start area near the Brothers, a nice flood
    and inland push in the mid teens offered hope. And damn if the wasn't enough uplifting over the Sierra's to pull back in some of the marine
    layer that had begun to retreat. And slowly but surely, as if by divine intervention, did the winds start to build along the course. Not gangbusters mind you
    but gradual, in the 15-20 range. Just as the fleet of racers would move up the river, so would the the wind. And with generous push of flood water most all the afternoon,
    and temps in the 70's for the most part, a quick trip it was....

    image courtesy Marie Roehm

    Reports are just trickling in, but here is a fine one from 1st in the 22 boat strong Moore 24 fleet AND overall corrected winner, Bill E Erkelens, sailing Flying Circus,
    a boat he found in storage, near Point Richmond, in terrible condition, where it had languished for 15 years, and after major rehab, double handed it with
    old stablemate Keith Stahnke:

    "Was an awesome day for the Moores! Enough breeze to rip in the puffs but not so much that it got out of hand in the jibes double handed.
    We went double handed, one light jib (JT) and had ability to rake rig WAY forward with aft lowers backed off as far as they would go.
    OK start which allowed us to jibe just after the gun and set. Small pack of us went North of the Brothers and closer to the deep water
    which was a slow gain all the way down to Vallejo channel. We reached up about halfway to the Vallejo channel to consolidate on the
    Northern boats. Played the puffs for the next section past Benicia then sailed low into the channel under the Benicia bridge which
    helped us relative to the boats that stayed high on that leg. The balance of the race was managing the traffic jams of slower boats.
    We passed all but one E27 and as we climbed that fleet they got harder and harder to pass! My next is soar from turning to watch
    Pegasus pressing up on us all day with filling breeze. Sections with wind going forward helped us stretch back out but the long runs
    had the other Moores pressing up to us. Finished with all our fingers and toes so a successful day!"
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    images © slackwater LLC

    This years Ditch was a complete reversal from last year. Powered up all the way from start to finish. Not the white knuckle rides we go do the Ditch for, but finishing a little after 5 makes up for not having blast off conditions. We had a clean jibe set start the pin and headed off for current alongside Rufless. After going North of The Brothers, Rufless went back inside while we stayed out for current and pressure which paid off. By Vallejo we had passed the big boats that started before us, with the exception of Twisted, the Farr 40. But the Martin has also found their booster and were charging hard from behind. The Martin caught us and passed us near Benicia, but a weird transition just past the Benicia YC allowed us to carry the kite longer, and with a quick switch to the Code 0, allowed us to regain the lead, now also ahead of the Farr 40 which dropped their kite early and were now just jib reaching. A few miles into Suisun Bay the wind squared back, and we switched back to our A2. Conditions got a bit fresher in this section of the course, but not to the traditional 20+s.

    The Martin put in another charge as they are able to get up on a plane earlier, but they seemed to be struggling a bit on their gybes and they went over hard in one of them. We were on our own now. That section of the course is still unnerving as the shallows tend to creep up on you, and we accidentally left our prepared charts at home before the race (no room for a chartplotter on JetStream). We entered the river with a couple tris around us. It was nice to race the river with no real racing traffic around us. With the moderate conditions we were focusing on sailing our angles and nailing every gybe. We prepared for the possible sail changes around 19, it was nice having time to think about what to do and not just being in survival mode through this section. We carried the kite past 19 and downshifted to our code 0 which allowed us to get up to the hump.

    Down the hump we were still in control having built a nice gap between ourselves and the Farr and Rufless. Wind got a bit lighter for us in this narrow part of the course. It was important to stay on the leeward side of the course to avoid the wind shadows from the shore, but with our gybe angles it is not always possible. Dodge a few of the usual delta power maniacs, avoided all contact with the San Joaquin Sheriff's, and managed to hold off the Farr 40 which put a charging run in the lighter conditions with its ability to square back the pole and its tall mast to get some better air above the tree lines. First mono to finish was a good result for us, and after suffering past midnight last year, it was great to be tied up and put away by 5:30.
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    Congrats on the 1st to finish monohull!

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    Not getting mowed over by liquored up fishermen late in the day is a bonus!

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