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Aerial photography is full of risks and getting that special shot requires putting a lot on the line.
One of the most glamorous sailing shots in the world is barreling down the Molokai Channel
with your kite flying, team on the rail and pushing that azure warm water out of the way after a 2,000 nm plus
Transpacific Race...Diamond Head in the background... Just perfect....

But sometimes you don't finish in daylight. Like the 3 Mod 70's that just finished the 2019 Transpac.
There will be no glorious Molokai finish in daylight pics for them.

And yesterday, The Super Maxi Comanche was on her final approach, seeking her 1st Barn Door, but alas,
daylight was fading. It was too apparent that they too would finish in the dark, so Sharon Green took off late in the afternoon from
Honolulu in a helicopter in hopes of catching them before darkness consumed the Islands, in hopes of tracking down that
elusive shot.

They found Comanche off of Maui, where the boat had sailed to in order to get that last big wind compression and come
into the finish on a hot angle, Skirting the east coast of Molokai along the way. Sharon and her pilot buzz Comanche
for a time and were hoping to get her gybing towards Molokai on her last hitch for that dramatic cliff shot when the helo made
some very loud, unhappy mechanical shuddering and the pilot blurted " Abort, Abort ABort" into the headset. They were very lucky to be near the Island
at the time and were able to facilitate and emergency landing on dry land and not 10 miles offshore.

Sharon then got on a short hop flight and made it back to Honolulu in time to catch the boat tying up at the deep water Kewalo Basin!


Comanche's final approach... The proximity to Molokai may have saved the day....

Intense coverage, glad everyone is okay!