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Thread: 2019 LongPac

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runs_with_sissors View Post
    I wonder why they could not postpone the event?
    I would assume, because this is a training run for people aiming at the SSS Transpac, and those conditions are not uncommon during that race. So even if you decide to turn back it gives you a taste and prepares you for what could happen on the big race.

    And its the decision of the skipper to go out to sea and for many of them it wasn't what they were looking for. For others it was, and I'm sure it was an opportunity for growth and development.

    There are plenty of other races with training wheels.

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    Yeah but if you kill all the sailors before they get to the big race, you won't have many racers left for the real race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl Spackler View Post
    Yeah but if you kill all the sailors before they get to the big race, you won't have many racers left for the real race.
    Why is that the responsibility of the organizers? All the sailors have the same forecast information. If they each considered it unsafe for their vessel and their skillset they are empowered to stay home. Or perhaps they had the skill and correct vessel but decided not to bother (we do this for pleasure, right?). What about the ones that did go, and either returned or finished? Did they not get a valuable experience? Did they learn and improve their seamanship? Did they learn about weaknesses in their system that are easily addressed now, and not 1000 miles offshore?

    Clearly a set of sailors where willing to complete the race safely, should the race committee only run a race if it is safe to the least experienced or least capable sailor in the fleet. The moment you go this route you start drawing arbitrary and subjective lines. Let each boat/skipper decide to go or not.

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    We had to turn around because of seasickness....scopolamine patch, notwithstanding.

    We broke a couple of things, nothing vital but stuff that we need to know about for further ocean races. Then we went and broke a 30-year old Harken jam cleat on the mast, releasing the first reef point. Go figure. ALL GOOD. The boat will be better next time for this race.


    Yeah some folks burned up a lot of $$$ worth of equipment, but if it fails on the LongPac, you sure as hell don't want to depend on it getting you to Hawaii.

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    Postpone... it was windy but not unusual conditions for the first 2 days of a Transpac. This is very much about finding out what you need to improve/change to do the Transpac. You might say conditions were perfect as a prep for the Transpac. But yes uncomfortable - and hard on people and the boat.
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