Grab yer Ma, grab yer Pa and call it a ménages à trois! The SF sailing scheduling Gods have given us a unique opportunity to get two races in on one day, who's in? Both races are about 30 miles and unless the Duxship is a drifter there should be an hour or two in between races to refuel and rest up. Both races together aren't any longer than the Farallones race so this should be very do-able. As an extra incentive PhotoBoy has agreed to hold a free open bar and full service buffet on the good ship PB in between races from 4:58 to 5:00pm, first come first serve! (see exclusion criteria and fine print for bar and buffet details)

The Midnight Moonlight race seems to fly under the radar just a little so for those that aren't familiar this is a super fun and unique race. It's a 30 mile pursuit race starting in Raccoon Straits, out to the Carquinez Bridge and back. Starts are pursuit style, first start I think is around 5pm and typically most boats finish somewhere around 1am. Get all the fun, thrills, chills and spills of night sailing without the sleep deprivation!

And for any of you batship crazy shorthanders who felt like the LongPac was just too tame and easy, this is your chance to get a few more miles of sailing in!