Around the world single-handed, nonstop and without assistance is widely regarded as the ultimate test of seamanship and courage. Enduring month upon month in his own company, Norbert will be forced to pit his nautical prowess against torrential storms, ice, fierce oceans, loneliness and frustration during a distance of about 34.000 nautical miles.

Both grueling and dangerous, ANT ARCTIC LAB is a serious test of mind, body and soul.

The 34.000 nautical miles ANT ARCTIC LAB Challenge will take the concept Around Alone and Laboratory testing to new heights to succeed in this epic quest.

Testing technological, software and engineering developments – for ultimate proof of quality, safety, functionality and durability and of course, setting a new sailing world record are the main goals of this project.


The Open60AAL – which was designed and developed by Innovation Yachts – will deliver ultimate proof of quality, safety, functionality and durability of the Innovation Yachts philosophy.

It’s being built using 100% sustainable and recyclable materials and the project will test to the limits “real” boat building solutions – such as recyclable composites, harmless matrix systems and natural core materials.

No fossil fuel! The Open60AAL is fully electric with 2 Oceanvolt sail drive electric engine acting also as hydro generator to generate power while under sail.
Energy is also generated by solar panels and both enable the Open60AAL to be energy self sufficient.

Any man or women who chooses to take on a challenge such as the ANT ARCTIC LAB not only has to be a highly skilled sailor. They must also be a proficient repairman and craftsman, weather expert and self-motivator, who is prepared to pit their skills up against a most unforgiving bedfellow – nature.

With Norbert’s highly experienced hands at helm, the ANT ARCTIC LAB yacht couldn’t be better placed for success.

Embarking on his first circumnavigation in 1996, and completing it in 1998 on a homespun 26-footer, Norbert went on to achieve success in solo trips around Antarctica and the Vendée Globe, the one and only single handed, nonstop race round the world with no assistance, to cement his place as a solo, seafaring legend.

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The ANT ARCTIC LAB’s multi-national team comprises of world-renowned professional sailors and yacht builders, yacht designers, architects and engineers.

They are united by a common interest to master one of the last remaining seafaring quests – the ANT ARCTIC LAB Challenge.

Through fearless and painstaking research, their combined talents unite to showcase how advances in material innovation and technological developments have brought the seemingly impossible in reach.