The second half of the YRA Calendar got underway Saturday with the race (Formerly Known As The 2nd Half Opener) and the Bonita Race,
now to be referred as The Encinal Race as a tip o' the cap to the host YC which goes by the same name.... It was an odd early morning with
a high pressure dome squashing the marine layer down mixed in with some bad air that eventually blew away when the valley started warming,
leaving a compressed layer of fog just outside the Golden Gate and a finger protruding inside the Bay. With a slack just about the time of the start,
the smart money played the City Front for relief as they exited the Bay and into the mystic. The wind of 10 knots or so were more than enough
to make it out to Bonita with the constant blast of the fog horn from the bridge keeping sailors on their toes... A badly timed entrance or exit of commercial
traffic a concern as visibility, while not zero, was certainly limited.

The 1st to reemerge back into the Bay, the New Rufless, Rufus Sjobergs latest incarnation of the Evil Clown Boat, this time in J-125 format.
Rufus found her on the hard somewhere in Scandinavia, hardly used and needing a home. Expect to to see the new Rufless hitting the Ocean circuit with
regularity and her band o' pirates giving Velvet Hammer a good boat on boat competition in and outside the Bay!

Daniel Theilman's Melges 32 Kuai would re-enter the bay 2nd but took a northerly track that project them into better current and wind and would hold off all comers
to take the 1st to finish gun, 1st in PHRF 2 and overall corrected 03:49:41

Paul Dorsey's Soto 30 Gentoo getting her feet wet again, looking good.

Daniel Alvarez and Greg Nelson doubled up on Jetstream for 2nd in PHRF 2

Back from vacation, Nicolas Popp's Invictus and Wayne Koide's Encore in a neck and neck battle for PHRF 3 glory

Barz Schneider's E-37 Expeditious's crew in full focus

The wind would stay well around the corner past Pier 39 where it usually dies, all the way to, and under the Bay Bridge and to the mouth of the Estuary where
the summer heat started messing with things, it got lighter, shiftier and much, much warmer. Boats that were trailing getting to the Estuary were granted new life
and chances for luck, timing and light air skill to make up time, and quite a few did just that... A wonderful setup at the EYC gave sailor plenty of options for tasty adult beverages,
food hot off the grill and tantalizing pool to cool off in...

Team Mahoney's Tartan 101 Story Maker on their way to PHRF 5 victory

Andrew Macfie's Olson 30 Hoot has not looked this Bristol in years...

Keep your eyes peeled for the new children's book The Sea Star and the Bumble Bee coming to a truck stop near you in time for the holidays...

And, well, who could resist... a Rum Line enroute to a rum line at the EYC... Giddy up!

Galleria de Encinal Regatta