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Thread: Save the Windjammers

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    Quote Originally Posted by IOR Geezer View Post
    The Jazz Cup certainly took a lot of interest away from borderline Windjammer potential boats, but when Windjammers started on a Friday,
    it was possible for a sailor to do both. Perhaps it will get a reprieve with additional advance campaigning and less 75th Anniversary Transpac pressure?
    Wasn't there something they called the triathlon? It was something like Windjammers, Jazz, and a NOOD on Sunday?

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    when Windjammers started on a Friday, it was possible for a sailor to do both.
    Can't remember it ever not being on Friday. Yes, it can be lighter than in spring in general but in can honk.... in 13 & 15 we finished in 7 hours.

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    I thought they moved it to Saturday a couple years ago. Might have confused it with Spinnaker Cup.

    Anyways, the point being, that one did not restrict the other for individual sailors hellbent on a marathon weekend.

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    Last year's Windjammer's Race had 3 PHRO1, 2 PHRO2, and 3 Cruising boats, for a total of 8 entries. And when we arrived early in the morning the Santa Cruise Harbor welcome wasn't too great. We were shifted off an end-tie below the club house to below the old Aldo's Restaurant to a very short side tie - not the SCYC's fault - the harbor authorities. Not much going on at the SCYC clubhouse. Light dinner, awards. It was a fun race with some fairly heavy wind (blown out chute) and the motor-sail back went okay. Too bad.

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    Did the Windjammers in 89, 90, and 91. Fun race, with countless SC-SF deliveries in between. Good times.

    That said, welcome to the "short attention span theater" generation; or, as one friend put it after his first and only Coastal Cup: "If I can't see the next mark from the last, it's too long a race". Remember, back in the days before sport boats you and your friends could leave the office without a cell phone or any other connectivity, load the boat down with your gear for the race to xxx (Vallejo, Catalina, SC, wherever), and still be competitive. Now, the demands to always be connected and boats that don't like excess weight change the logistics of life, let alone sailing.
    Ah, well...

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