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Thread: Go Fly A Kite (For Power)

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    Go Fly A Kite (For Power)

    Makani flew its energy kite from a floating platform in the North Sea.

    Once commercialized, Makani’s kites have the potential to bring power to hundreds of millions of people living along the world’s coastlines where the wind is strong and steady, but the water is too deep to fix wind turbines to the ocean floor.

    Filmed at sea by Andrea Dunlap, Betsy Pfeiffer, Andrew Koch, Johnny Heineken, Stein Hanssen and Viktor Andreas Olsen. Edited by Andrea Dunlap. Music by Sound of Picture.

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    Sounds like a cool idea, but how does the power get to the grid?

    What if the wind dies? Does the kite fall in the ocean?

    Bird strikes? Looks like the Audubon Society will not approve.

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