Malcesine - Day 2 of the European Melges 20 Championship in Malcesine is a day to be framed for the Brontolo Racing crew led by Ancona-based shipowner Filippo Pacinotti.

It starts early in the morning, with the start of the second race of the Garda series set for 8.30 am: the Peler is already well stretched, it touches peaks of over 20 knots. The first test of the day brings with it the first success at Brontolo Racing, which is followed at the finish line by Russian Bogatyrs, the current European Champion and considered the favorite since the eve of this Championship, and by the Americans on Boar.

The script repeats itself in race 2 when, after an intense head-to-head race throughout the race, Brontolo Racing, thanks to the tactical choices of Manuel Weiller and the excellent boat handling of the crew, taking advantage of the gradually falling breeze, manages to detach of different lengths the Russian competitor, who closes in third place, and brings home the second bullet of the series.

The result is the same even in the third race completed in the afternoon, where the breeze from the South of about 8 knots brings Brontolo to cross the finish line with a wide margin on his pursuers: Caipirinha Jr of Alessandro Agostinelli, with Gabriele Benussi at tactics, closes second, Raya is third, Russian Bogatyrs fifth.

At the end of day 2, Brontolo Racing is not only the best boat of the day, but also gains the top of the provisional ranking with a total of 6 points. Igor Rytov's Russians follow him on Russian Bogatyrs (12 pt.) And the aforementioned Caipirinha Jr (22 pt.).

The races will resume tomorrow, with a program that will remind you of today: early morning departure and, if it will not be possible to complete the three races planned with the north wind, then a test will be postponed to the afternoon to exploit the Ora.

With a maximum of six races still to be completed and the gap of the worst result of the series that will take over after the completion of the sixth race, the European Melges 20 Championship of Malcesine is now in full swing.