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Thread: Law Less Ness In Surf City

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    Law Less Ness In Surf City

    Over the weekend M-Rad* (AKA Polish) was practicing on his A Cat outside the Santa Cruz Small Boat Harbor when he
    was accosted by the harbor patrol for exceeding the 5 MPH speed limit. Apparently, the zone between the two light houses
    (shown below) is the anchorage zone, has speed limits, even for sailboats, according the the newly deputized "Harbies" which
    seem to seek every silly infraction they can.

    M-Rad got off with just a warning, but you other lawbreakers best be on your toes!

    * (full name withheld to protect the innocent)
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    Give them a badge and billy club and watch out!

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    See? This is why we have a Catalina 30.

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    Absolutely ridiculous...

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