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Thread: A Smashing Time In Port Angeles

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    A Smashing Time In Port Angeles

    A new 125-foot Westport LLC yacht is wedged against a boat at the Port Angeles Boat Haven
    on Monday morning after accelerating for unknown reasons.
    Article by Paul Gottlieb/Peninsula Daily NewsPaul Gottlieb/Peninsula Daily News

    PORT ANGELES — A brand new 260-ton Westport LLC yacht lost control Monday morning and motored about 300 feet away from a fuel dock before the bow crashed on top of a dock at the Port Angeles Boat Haven.

    There were no injuries, and a cause had not been determined as of late Monday afternoon.

    The 125-foot yacht was owned by Westport and was getting set to travel Thursday to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for delivery to its new owner, said John Nutter, Port director of properties, marinas and airports.

    “It was tied up at the fuel dock and all of a sudden took off, charging forward,” Nutter said.

    “It accelerated forward for unknown reasons.”

    At least seven vessels, including the yacht, were damaged, said Brian King, Clallam County chief criminal deputy.

    The research vessel Kuapio Kohola was extensively damaged.

    The crash is being investigated by the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol Unit, the U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Unit and the Port Angeles Police Department.

    “It possibly had something to do with the onboard electronics,” King said of the undetermined cause.

    “We don’t know if it was a software malfunction or electrical failure, something to that effect.”

    It was moored and ready to receive fuel, but the fueling process had not begun, King said.

    The six-person crew was made up of all Westport employees, including Capt. Steve Peckham, the Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

    A man looks over a damaged boat after a Westport yacht smashed through docks at
    the Port Angeles Boat Haven Monday morning. (Jesse Major/Peninsula Daily News)

    The vessel left the dock shortly after 8:15 a.m. Monday, King said.

    It landed with its bow atop the Boat Haven’s G/H dock, Nutter said.

    Westport “will be covering all damages,” he said.

    “A marine surveyor is coming to town later this week.”

    Westport General Manager David Hagiwara did not return calls for comment Monday about the crash.

    The vessel has a gross registered tonnage of 260 tons, according to Westport’s website at

    Officials from Westport look over damage after a Westport yacht smashed into docks at the
    Port Angeles Boat Haven on Monday morning. (Jesse Major/Peninsula Daily News)

    The value of a newer Westport 125 appears to be between about $24 million and $25 million.

    A 2020 Westport 125 is for sale in Washington state for $24 million, said Jerry Wheeler, a salesperson for the yacht brokerage firm Alexander Marine USA in Newport Beach, Calif.

    A 2018 Westport 125 is for sale for $25 million, according to Wheeler.

    “It’s not a tip-toe, secret kind of thing,” Wheeler said.

    Nutter said port and county officials and Port Angeles business leaders toured the boat about two months ago after it was built.

    The Westport 125 is “beyond beautiful,” Nutter said.
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    I don't suppose the new owners were too excited about the call they got regarding a slight delay in the delivery.

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