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Thread: 2019 PIC Coastal Classic: A Record Breaking Year!

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    2019 PIC Coastal Classic: A Record Breaking Year!

    Beau Geste had a fast sail from Auckland to Russell in the Bay of Islands, at times reaching speeds over 45kn. They shaved nearly 13 minutes off the current race record - getting there in 5hrs 0 min 37 sec. We've got some on board footage and insights to what that five hours was like: loud, bumpy, wet and fun.

    Beau Geste finishes PIC Coastal Classic in 5 hrs 37 seconds

    At 3pm this afternoon, Beau Geste set a new record for the PIC Coastal Classic yacht race, having sailed the 119 nautical mile course in a time of just 5hrs, 37sec.

    The conditions were slightly windier than what they expected, averaging 20 to 30 knots of wind speed for the duration, and the team felt "comfortable" that they were on record pace - until they got to Cape Brett.

    "It lightened up a bit at The Brett so we took out the reef and had to try really hard to stay on pace" says Carrington Brady, the 16 year old Navigator on board. Carrington is the daughter of professional sailor Gavin Brady, who is the helmsman for Beau Geste.

    "Just before Sail Rock we hit our top speed which was higher than 45kn" says Carrington "Its one of the races we'll remember for a very long time" says Carrington.

    At 4:30pm Friday, the 16.6m Murray Ross designed catamaran Apache, owned by Bay of Islands local (and yachting legend) Erle Williams, is already in the bay and hurrying home for tea.

    Approaching Cape Brett in a three way fight to the finish, in a very similar style to last year, are multihulls Cation, Kotuku and the fleet's biggest monohull, the Imoca 60, Awen. Awen pipped both catamarans to the finish line in 2019 - only just.

    Until today, the race record was held by Team Vodafone Sailing / Frank Racing who have won eight of the last nine races, and held the record of 5hr 13 minutes since 2014.

    As one of the fastest trimarans in the southern hemisphere, this is the third significant race record that Beau Geste has accomplished this year. Prior to setting this new record for the PIC Coastal Classic, they also won the Brisbane to Gladstone Race and Brisbane to Hamilton Island Race.


    Image and all below © Suellen Hurling - Live Sail Die

    What a wild ride
    Competitors coming ashore after today's 119 nautical mile race may be wet, cold and tired, but most were smiling ear to ear and laughing as they told stories about their fast slide up the coast.

    At 11pm Friday, 40 boats were firmly attached to their moorings in Russell, which accounts for approximately 1/3 of the fleet. A few boats were lost to attrition along the way, with some boats sustaining significant damage but thankfully all crew are reported as OK.

    Of the remaining fleet still racing through the dark, approximately half have already rounded Cape Brett. The volunteers pulling an 'all nighter' on the finish line will have their work cut out for them, with the majority of the fleet due to finish by daybreak.

    While the Mod 70 Trimaran, Beau Geste, took the early headline with their race record finish of 5 hrs 37 seconds, there are a number of new stories emerging of thrills and accomplishments in challenging conditions. The 20-30kn winds presented frequent opportunities for big gains, or easy losses and as one sailor put it "often testing of my manliness".

    Catamarans Cation and Kotuku were neck and neck for the whole race - pictured within meters of each other at the start line and finishing less than 7 minutes apart shortly before 6pm. Romanza was only 10 minutes behind the duo.

    In the smaller multihull fleet, 8.5m Lucipher seems to have had the ride of a lifetime with current 8.5m record holder, Attitude, just 6 minutes behind. The race record for this open fleet is 8hrs 1 minute, but today wasn't quite the day to be on record pace.

    Awen was the first monohull to get across the finish line for the third year in a row, probably with little knowledge of the tight battle unfolding behind him. Fast 52's V5 and Mayhem were nearly neck-and-neck to the finish, as captured by live drone footage, and V5 eventually crossed the line 30 seconds in front. Wired was slightly less than 4 minutes behind.

    Mr Kite II made their mark on division 1b, the first ever PIC Coastal Classic for the boat, with a 20 minute lead over the newly-renovated Anarchy. Motorboat II was the first Division 2 boat to the finish, with nearly an hours lead on Innismara. We're pretty sure that's their stereo we can hear from the distance at the Duke Tavern...
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