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Thread: Jaws Takes It's Pound Of Flesh

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    Jaws Takes It's Pound Of Flesh

    Kai Lenny was tow in surfing Pe'ahi this week when things went pear shaped in a big way,
    we'll let Kai do the splaining....

    "A day of consequences that lead to a ER visit. The carabiner from the bow line hooked on my hand as my JetSki
    was dragged onto the rocks at Jaws and ripped a good chunk. Thanks to my whole team for the help and @acl_cinema
    for the drive from the cliff to the hospital. From when the injury occurred to being in the ER took about 40 minutes"

    all images © Erik Aeder

    "Within three hours of the incident we had the JetSki retrieved from the rocks at Pe’ahi with the helicopter.
    Huge shout out to Milton Martinson & Pacific Helicopters for the quick pick up. Now the rocks are clean and this chapter is closed."

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    The Biting Carabiner of Pe'ahi strikes again!

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