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Thread: A line in the sand: Mavericks Surf Contest May Get A Makeover

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    A line in the sand: Mavericks Surf Contest May Get A Makeover

    The break known as Mavericks

    A couple decades ago Half Moon Bay surfer used to own Mavericks. Literally.
    The former carpenter turned board shaper surfed the now legendary break alone, by himself in the cold, unforgiving edge of Pillar Point since 1975. He finally convinced a handful of Santa Cruz chargers that it was for real and surf-able. It wasn’t til 1990 that Clark finally got some company in the form of Santa Cruz surfer David Clark and Tom powers, and a few days later John Raymond of Pacifica and “Doc” Renneker of San Francisco.

    Pillar Point Harbor and Mavs on the outside

    Later that season, Clark’s friend Steve Tadin captured an image of the break and had it published in Surfer magazine, which caught the eye of numerous big water surfers. It wasn’t until another Half Moon Bay local, photographer Doug Acton’ Surfer Magazine’s cover and spread appeared on newsstands in the mid 90’s that word really spread like wildfire.

    Quieter times at Mavs

    In 1999, a semi formal contest, was initiated under the” Men Who Ride Mountains “ title. It consisted primarily of Santa Cruz, Pacifica and San Francisco “Hellmen” , the term endeared to those with the stones to ride the wave, and consequently endure the hellish nightmare of the whitewash east of the break, and a handful of the world top surfers who could get there with the 24 hours notice.

    A trip through the boneyard is major un-fun

    Since that time, Clark and the surf contest have faced numerous obstacles both on and off the water.
    Clark divorced, dealt with both local and federal government agencies on holding the contest, the banning of jet skis at Mavericks for tow in surfing and the unpredictable weather, which for the contest be canceled numerous times when the right conditions failed to appear, triggering disappointment by surfers, fans and sponsers alike. In 2003, Clark partnered with Keir Beading, a former large firm litigator, to form Mavericks Surf Ventures in order to capitalize on Mavericks growing fame and potential monetary gains.

    Crowds in the old days were small and manageable

    The relationship soon soured. The capitalists grew frustrated when Clark refused to “ Make the call” for a couple contests, when conditions were not suitable. The company terminated Clark’s contract. Clark sued in January of this year in Superior Court of San Francisco, accusing the companies Board of Directors of “self-dealing,” “squandering corporate assets” and failing to disclose “basic financial and other corporate information,” and asserts the company and the board acted with “oppression, fraud and malice.

    Now a new battle lingers.

    Uneasy with the method and means of the venture capitalists, a group of surfers and photographers have applied for their own contest permit with the San Mateo County Harbor District, the direct governing board for any contests that will be held at Mavericks.

    The contest of 2001

    A new organization -- including some of the most notable names in Mavericks surfing -- is submitting an application with the San Mateo County Harbor District early next week seeking to hold its own contest at the famed Mavericks surf spot. Because the district will issue only a single permit, the group could force out Mavericks Surf Ventures, which has run the competition in recent years.

    “We’re (hoping) to run the whole thing next year,” said local surf photographer Doug Acton, adding that the contest would honor friend and legendary surfer Jay Moriarity. The contest would be called "The Jay Moriarity Maverick's Invitational."

    “Joining Acton in key roles at the organization are surfers Peter Mel and Grant Washburn and Moriarity's widow Kim Moriarity as well as Darren Brilhart and Frank Quirarte, who both have experience helping to organize contests at Mavericks. In addition, Katherine Kelly has signed on and surfing legend Jeff Clark has been asked to participate. His participation is not yet clear, according to an email from the group.
    The group says it has secured a three-year sponsorship deal with Barracuda Networks and plans to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside, the Half Moon Bay PAC and the Jay Moriarty Foundation.

    Acton said the new group wants a return to the ethos of the early days of Mavericks.

    The old days when things were simpler

    Mel said all 24 big-wave surfers who get invited to compete in Mavericks feel it's time for the contest to move away from the commercialism promoted by Mavericks Surf Ventures, which has produced the famed surf contest since 2003.

    "They were using the surfers to help promote a clothing company," Mel said. "It's been hard for us to feel comfortable about it because it's different from what the event is supposed to be about."
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