The Newport Yacht Club Offshore races, Offshore 160 and New England Solo/Twin, are going to be held as scheduled this year. Due to the restrictions of Covid-19 we may not hold the Skipper's Meeting nor the Awards Party however we will give out awards. Also please note that if you are from an area (city, state) that is still locked up you will not be allowed to stay in RI unless you are willing to quarantine on the boat for 14 days. We are currently in RI Phase II and expect to be in Phase III by then so restrictions may change by then.

The documents are now on the website for the Offshore 160 and Registration is again open. Registration is only $25 for the Offshore 160. We will refund those that have signed up already.

Watch for documents and registration for the New England Solo/Twin Real Soon Now.

By the way we are still planning on running the 2021 Bermuda One-Two so make your plans to get ready.

Roy Guay
Event Chairman