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Thread: CREWED RACE: Berkeley Escape from SIP, Oct 3

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    CREWED RACE: Berkeley Escape from SIP, Oct 3


    For those who'd like to do a race with more than 2 people, BYC is hosting a race this coming Saturday Oct 3 on the Berkeley Circle. Fleets are available for both short-handed and crewed boats. It's up to each skipper to ensure they follow the City of Berkeley health order (

    For me, this will mean a smaller crew than usual (suggest LOA/6 as a guide), check temperature before coming, everyone in masks and gloves throughout the race, no shared food, and no more than 1 person below at a time.

    There's no after-race event, just a chance to get the boats out there and race. Fingers crossed for decent air quality.

    Sign-ups at


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    Good to see efforts being made to create a safe crewed environment.

    Not too sure about some of the event I have seen recently where COVID 19 is being ignored.

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