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Since April 2019, a total of nearly 200 people have been actively involved in the creation of Banque Populaire XI. We contacted Ronan Lucas, Team Director, to take stock of the construction and modifications made to Armel Le Cléac'h's future Ultimate…

A launch scheduled for spring 2021
The construction of Banque Populaire XI - a VPLP plan produced by CDK Technologies - has entered its final phase: all the parts (central hull, floats, nacelle, listening bar, etc.) are assembled, the cap is in place like the main ones fittings. If there are still painting and some details to be finalized, Armel Le Cléac'h's new frame should be launched between mid-April and early May. On the design side, the arms, floats and central hull are identical to those of Banque Populaire IX. Only the position of the arms at their junction with the central shell and their sizing with the addition of a structural front box to avoid breaking everything in the event of an impact were reviewed. As a reminder, it is the rupture of the arm following a collision with a UFO that had caused Armel to capsize on the last Route du Rhum ...

Lorient, CDK shipyard, construction of the future Maxi trimaran Ultim Banque Populaire

An even more aerial Ultimate
As for the foils, they will be twice as large - the design office used thousands of records from the former Banque Pop IX to refine its calculations - to stick to the even more aerial program of the new maxi-trimaran . The center of gravity of the boat has also been brought closer to the foils to facilitate take-off but at the same time navigate in Archimedean mode when the sea conditions are unsuitable for flying in complete safety… The foils will be adjusted manually, via a hydraulic circuit set. under pressure by a coffee grinder, to stay in the nails of the Class Ultim 32/23. In the same logic, there is no question at this stage of slaving the carrier planes.

Skipper's words:
“I mainly worked on the design of the giant trimaran at the start with the architects, engineers and the design office. I regularly go to the yard to take stock with the team on progress, ergonomics, sails, giving my opinion but also my desires. The rest of the time, I do physical preparation work to be sharp because the Ultims are fabulous but demanding! ”

“A few weeks after the launch and the first tests, we will leave for a tour in the South-West and in the Mediterranean to meet the regional Banques Populaires, before returning at the end of July by making a round trip Atlantic, without doubt towards the West Indies. This is the time essential for the development of such a machine in order to be ready for the first race of Banque Populaire XI: the Transat Jacques Vabre from Le Havre on October 24, 2021.

Length: 32 m.
Width: 23 m.
Air draft: 35 m.
Weight: nc.
Sail area upwind: 350 m2.
Sail area downwind: 600 m2.
Materials: sand. carbon / Kevlar / Normex.
Architects: VPLP.
Site: CDK Technologies,
Fiber Mechanics for the central hull,
C3 Tech for the foils and Multiplast for the floats.