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Thread: Time to make Shorty faster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Dolphin View Post
    I move to make shorty longer. I have a hacksaw if that helps.
    Sawzall will work better....and I sure hope you're good with epoxy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Hughes View Post
    Ouch! I was spoiled with my first boat - J/35...later model with nicer interior. SR 33 felt cramped, but getting used to it. Less headroom than Melges 30....hmmm. But, there is something to be said about sailing fast, eh!
    If I'm not mistaken, WOFTAM was the only one that had diamonds. I think it was a Hall rig (instead of Offshore). The taller kite is a must. The little fractional thing is a sad reminder of early IMS. I went up just under 10%, which kept the hit to three seconds. It is about a foot and a half from masthead. Masthead sheave (in case we go bigger later), with a deflector at the mark for the hoist. It makes a huge difference, but so did getting rid of the inboard, which kills the SR.

    Fast IS fun.

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    Here we are more than two years after I started this thread, and I finally made the conversion to masthead. First sail with the new kites was today. Very happy with the change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Whales View Post
    Before shots?
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    Whizzo Butter: "Absolutely indistinguishable from a dead crab."

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    This badass masthead SR33 is looking for an experienced bowman for 2014. And no, we didn't ditch our regular bowguy...he was promoted to beer bitch. Sailing in Holland again next year.

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