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Thread: 2021 Spinnaker Cup: A Memorable Start To Memorial Day Weekend

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    2021 Spinnaker Cup: A Memorable Start To Memorial Day Weekend

    The annual offshore romp to Monterey aka the Spinnaker Cup got off to a crisp and breezy start on Saturday May 29th,
    in a strong flood and wind in the high teens and low 20's. The 1st leg of The California Offshore Race Week resumed, after a year
    sabbatical due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, and from the turnout, is still a cherished part of the Memorial Day Weekend.
    Hosted by the Encinal Yacht Club for the start, the starting area had been shifted from off Knox Point on Angel Island to the Golden Gate Yacht Club,
    allowing spectators a grand view to start their day!

    The TP 52' Calisto formerly Invisible Hand made a return to the West Coast after a year on the Great Lakes from which
    their owners and most of their crew reside. Jim and Kate Murray would continue her winning ways, taking 1st in PHRF A with a 07h:08m:25s
    run for the gun and line honors, posting a 08h:05m:01s corrected time, nearly 1/2 hour faster than the closest boat, Doug Baker's Kernan 68' Peligroso

    Raymond Paul's Botin 65 Artemis is not new to West Coast offshore racing, came in 3rd in PHRF A, but as we type,
    has taken line honors in the Coastal Cup!

    Michael Moradzadeh's SC 50' Oaxaca has been mostly dormant during the pandemic, but is back with a vengeance,
    sporting a 50/50 gender crew, with Melinda Erkelins, Liz Baylis, Julia Paxton, Rebecca Hinden, and Michelle Diaz in their talented arsenal.
    They took 1st to finish in the Coastal Cup's ORR-C and 5th overall line honors!

    John Shultz's SC 50 Horizon has not missed a beat over the years, and continued that theme in the Spin Cup, winning PHRF-D.

    Dave MacEwen's new to him, Lucky Duck, a Rogers 46' with a strong Pedigree, was off the pace in the Spinnaker Cup,
    probably due to taking the most inside track in the race, redeemed themselves in the Coastal Cup with a win in ORR-A and one of only
    7 finishers!

    Lana Chang allowed her protégé James Goldberg to steer the JPK 1080 Psycho Tiller to an impressive victory in
    PHRF-F which was loaded with heavy hitters!

    Winning PHRF-E, James Brightford's Farr 40 Bright Hour had nearly and hour better time on elapsed and 1/2 hour on corrected over
    2nd place Destin, Romeo Uriarte's Landmark 43'

    i'o, the little boat that could, continues to impress, 10:55:44 elapsed and 0:09:39:40 corrected, handedly took PHRF-G,
    With Dave Liebenberg, Jim Antrim and Buzz Blackett doing the RYC proud!

    Azure, Rodney Pimentel' gorgeous Cal 40' took 2nd in PHRF H, but sailed a path in which said photographer could find her.
    PHRF H's winner was Don Jesberg's Cal 40 Viva, but the managed to avoid the lens by sailing far north at the start to get current relief.
    Next time, Don, next time...


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