Team Argo
May 4th 2021

Off on the Bermuda to Plymouth WSSRC record attempt this evening around 23.00 UTC.

Conditions looking good to cross with good downwind conditions, perhaps a bit complicated at the finish with a blocking high in the western approaches.
Current route time a little less than 5d with the record currently at 5d 11h set by our sister-ship Phaedo3.

Onboard for the attempt:
Brian Thompson, Chad Corning, Charlie Ogletree, Westy Barlow, Pete Cumming & Alister Richardson.

We have a YB tracking page setup for the attempt -

Bermuda to Plymouth
May 2016
Phaedo 3
Trimaran 70' 21.34meter
Lloyd Thornburg / Brian Thompson
USA/GBR 5d 11h 57m 17s
Average speed21.75