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Thread: welcome to pressure-drop...

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    It's all about the rum, no?
    Hi folks, I decided to bail on SA, seems to be a bit full of itself, so...
    I vote Goslings, mixed with-Goslings

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    Quote Originally Posted by doghouse View Post
    I nominate BM as official beer selector. Kinda like a specialist bowman of brews. And please listen to him on woodrow.
    I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with you on this one. I've been sticking with Bell's brew lately since they were kind enough to sponsor us in the Mac race. I typically like to branch out and bounce new brews (to me) off Barley as I have a lot of respect of his opinion (on beer at least...everything else he can just fuck off....j/k Barley). The dude knows his beer.

    As for liquor? Pretty much anything as long as someone else is buying. I'm cheap...

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    OK, on my nomination list:
    Labatt's Blue (due to quantity consumed)
    Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale (tasty)
    Samuel Smith Winter Welcome (blessing of your heart, you brew good ale)
    Red Hook ESB
    Bell's Oberon
    Bell's Third Coast Old Ale
    Bell's Two Hearted (in small quantities - 1-3 max per night, otherwise killer hangover)
    Bell's Oatmeal Stout (great breakfast beer)
    Bell's Cherry Stout
    Corsendonk (3 liter for special occasions)

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    Racer 5 - Healdsburg Brewery
    Lagunitas IPA
    Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale
    Pliney the want to be careful with this one

    Beer 33...just before you'll save on embalming costs.

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    I'm not really a drinker but my drunkard friends swear by Racer 5.

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    Too many Two Hearted ales sure will end in a bad hangover. The worst is Oberon. Love the stuff but I have hurt myself too many times drinking it.

    Pic is from earlier this evening. Nothing like sitting next to the fire drinking good beer with the roar of the lake in the background. Blew in the 20's all day.
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    All good selections. I have never had a bad Bell's beer. If you are a stout fan, Bell's Stouts of November are really something to look forward to, they brew something like 15 different stouts during the month. So much of the micro stuff tends to be regional, very few of them distribute nationally. Lagunitias is one of my favorite out of area breweries, I really like their Pils. For breakfast beers, it is hard to beat Founders (Grand Rapids, MI) Kentucky Bourbon Stout. An seasonal beer with a limited run, but holy shit it is good and I have a few bottles squirreled awat. Funny Kev, the beer I brew the most and that is usually on tap at home started as a clone of Red Hook ESB and got tweaked a bit. IPAs tend to be more or a personal preference thing, SN Torpedo is good, but the hopping is pretty assertive and not nearly as smooth. I tend to like a bit smoother IPAs these days but it's all good. Dogfish Head makes some great IPAs, too. Oberon is a good beer, but I get tired of it pretty quickly, like with most "summer" beers. Found some Spaten Oktoberfest locally, have been drinking that the last couple days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foreguy View Post
    Meyers and pineapple are a working man's mai tai.

    Yukon Jack over ice works well too!
    Used to race a J41 that we had to finish a bottle of Yukon Jack between the finish of the last race and the dock, when we raced in the BO's home town it became 2 bottles.....good memories!
    A little disorganization goes a long way toward fun sailing.

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    Admins, is there any way to change the thread sort order from poster id to last post date?.

    Edit - Never mind, figured it out.

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    You know what's cool now; I used to type sail in the address line to get the SA address to show up and then hit enter. Now when I type sail I get the pressure drop sailing forum, I like the switch, it's automatic!
    A little disorganization goes a long way toward fun sailing.

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