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Thread: Malcesine Brings The Goods For J-70 Circuit

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    Malcesine Brings The Goods For J-70 Circuit

    J/70 Cup 2021 Malcesine: The DAS Sailing Team looks at everyone from above

    Malcesine - Complete series of eight regattas in Malcesine, where the third stage of the J / 70 Cup circuit organized by J / 70 Italian Class has just ended: to establish itself as the leader of a competitive and very homogeneous fleet of over fifty boats, is DAS Sailing Team by Alessandro Zampori, with the Slovenian Branko Brcin at tactics.

    “ Great satisfaction and happiness for an important result that in my opinion comes in the most competitive stage of the last two years, in terms of participation and level of the fleet. I am very happy that the value of the DAS crew has finally emerged, which I was aware of since the beginning of the season, but which until now had remained somewhat in the shade. Now a long summer break awaits us before the Punta Ala event, we will try to train to avoid too much rust and above all we aim to have fun towards the end of the season ”commented Alessandro Zampori.

    With consistent partials and three victories in the scoreline, Zampori's crew managed to leave Michael Illbruck's Pinta with John Kosteki in tactics behind, with only one point margin, in their first participation in the 2021 season of the J / 70 Cup .

    Bronze medal for Krzystof Krempec's Polish Ewa entry, where the tactical choices were entrusted to Tomislav Basic. The top-five are completed by the winner of the 2020 circuit, Mauro Roversi's J-Curve, and Mauro Brescacin's La Femme Terrible, in turn winner of the Corinthian division, reserved for non-professionals.

    The silver medal in the Corinthian ranking goes to Why Not #Caim by Elisabetta Saccheggiani, followed by the American entry Furio by Keith Whittemore, former world champion J / 24.

    The curtain has fallen on Malcesine and after a summer break, the fleet will head to Punta Ala, where the last leg of the J / 70 Cup will be held from 1 to 3 October, also valid as an absolute Italian Championship.

    53 teams completed 8 races over the weekend on the always stunning Lake Garda in the Italian Alps,
    A warmup for teams heading to the California Yacht Club in August ( 7th - 15th) for the 2021 J-70 World Championships
    Then a season finale in Tuscany for the J-70 Cup in October

    Zerogradinnord Report


    ITA Sail 1186 Bow 296
    Andrea Felci
    Branko Brcin
    Flavio Grassi
    31 Points

    2 PINTA
    Sail USA 1135 Bow 378
    John Kostecki
    William Felder
    Patrick Wilson
    32 Points

    3 EWA
    Sail POL 1089 Bow 367
    Ivan Ivankovic
    Tomislav Basic
    Matteo Ramian
    42 Points

    4 J Curve
    Sail ITA 1090 Bow 343
    Manuel Modena
    Federica Salvà
    Enrico Fonda
    Carlo Fracassoli
    51 Points

    5 La Femme Terrible
    Sail ITA 455 Bow 335
    Lorenzo Coslovich
    Paolo Tomsic
    Giuliano Chiandussi
    Gianfranco Noe
    68 Points

    Full Results
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    Lake Garda firmly on the bucket list!

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