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Thread: Damn itís quiet in hereóletís argue about ORR vs ORC

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    Damn itís quiet in hereóletís argue about ORR vs ORC

    Went to a [zoom] meeting last night at St Francis about relative merits of ORR vs ORC for the big boat series. Representatives for both rating systems made short presentations, followed by public commentary.

    Points made in favor of the current ORR system: itís the current system (ie donít change whatís not broken), itís in wide use on the west coast, weíre used to it, ORC is not that different so why bother.

    Pro ORC: itís in much wider use globally, itís expanding while ORR is contracting, itís open (everyone can see everyone elseís measurements and ratings), great for boats that campaign widely (to use one rating), super easy/cheap to convert a boatís rating from ORR to ORC.

    A short comparison of local boats that would be impacted pro and con showed older displacement boats (like mine) taking a hit on ORC compared to lighter more modern designs. Shrug.

    St Fancy intends to decide early in the new year and post the RBBS NOR March-ish.


    Sea Star

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    They could lump the older displacement boats in ORC and adjust post cold war era into ORR?

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    Inclusitivity is better than exclusivity!

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