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Thread: The New, Bigger, Brighter Blackaller On Station

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    The New, Bigger, Brighter Blackaller On Station

    The new "YRA 16", aka the iconic Blackaller Buoy, on station at 37 48.603', 122 27.982'

    You may have noticed the iconic Blackaller Buoy was sitting pretty low in the water, and was slowly being overtaken by algae, barnacles and such. Well, thanks to a generous grant from the St Francis Sailing Foundation, and thanks to the hard work of Scott Easom of Easom Rigging, the YRA has been able to coordinate a new MUCH larger Blackaller Buoy that is now on station and ready to be rounded!

    Next time you are out rounding "YRA 16" be sure to send a thanks over to Scott, the St Francis Sailing Foundation, and the Army Corp of Engineers!

    Big thanks to the Army Corp of Engineers for helping to set the new "YRA 16"

    The old Blackaller next to the New Blackaller. This new one should be much easier to spot from a distance. It's not exactly petite.
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    The old un-lit one was very hard to find, even with GPS coordinates, late at night in the South Tower race...

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    Add a strong ebb or flood and it was near impossible!

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