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East Coast Cruise for 2012

Exploits on the East Coast Cruising Adventure

  1. The Road Trips Started!

    The Road Trip’s started and things couldn’t be going better! Saturday morning March 3rd we met up with friends at the Smoke Shop in Ballard for a good greasy spoon breakfast of Chicken Fried Steak and eggs. By 8am we had hit the road, goodbye Ballard - we’ll miss you! Off to St. Maries, Idaho to visit Jennifer’s friend Lisa Spinelli and her husband Mike and daughter Macy. The roads where clear and dry with the only problem being the “Service Engine Soon” light coming on just after we got gas ...
  2. Plans for the trip

    Time’s shortening out and the trip is getting near! We’ve come across some minor changes as the organizational side of the trip is put together, nothing major, things to be expected on a trip like this. The first big change happened on a trip up to Stevens Pass Ski Resort about a month ago. Sitting in the passenger seat of the 4 Runner listening to the floored blaring motor doing 45mph up the steep incline Jennifer tried to make a phone call. A good amount of What? Huh? What was that? before ...
  3. East Coast Cruise for 2012

    Adventure. The sailor racing their boat around the world, the mountain climber challenging the worlds tallest peaks - that, we all can agree is adventure! But lets face it, for the other 99% of us that kind of adventure is simply not in our personality. For the majority, adventure involves being a weekend warrior. Work, work, work all week to spend two days out sailing, hiking, biking or whatever then back to work and do it over again until that one time a year that you get to have ...
  4. July Cruise Day 14

    July Cruise Day 14
    Jones Island - Patos Island - Sucia Island (Ewing Cove)

    July 15th dawned warm and calm, what looked like wind out in President Channel was the current and our weak attempt at sailing to Patos Island turned into a great opportunity to charge the batteries with the motor. We motored up to the North end of Orcas Island and were greeted with the great shot of Mt. Baker ...

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    Tales From the PNW , East Coast Cruise for 2012
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