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Spent Flare

  1. Great Race & Great Party

    No matter what level of racer you are, there is no excuse for missing the Great Vallejo Race this year! Valljo Yacht Club puts on one hell of a party every year. It doesn't matter if you are a competitive racer in one of the YRA sanctioned classes for the season opener or if you just want to join in with the pack of your choice. Sail to VYC on May 1st, party all night long, and sail back home with a hangover. ...
  2. Casual Racer drops flare at YRA doorstep.

    There are hard-core adreneline pumped racers, who have salt water in their veins. Then there is the laid-back, take me where the wind blows, type of cruiser. I fall somewhere in the middle. Like many yacht club members, I like the weekday beer can races to break up the M-F office week. The weekends are a mix of day and overnight sails with friends, and a few bay races each month. These races are a bit more intense, due primarily to the mix of personalities aboard all the yachts. I get into ...
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