• Crewed Ocean Racing Returns To Nor Cal's OYRA v2

    It was a grand celebration and a milestone of sorts as full crew racing returned to the OYRA's calendar.
    Over a year had passed since the COVID 19 virus exploded across the land and the seas, forever changing
    our lives and lifestyles. For us fortunate ones which came out relatively unscathed, it was a relief to finally start
    socializing in person, on the water with friends, family and acquaintance's after a long absence. The weather and seas
    cooperated almost as it had been drawn that way, a good ebb at start, with decent westerly's and flat seas, a building flood outside
    and a boisterous breeze within the Golden Gate venturi and across the bay for a post race joyride to celebrate!

    Here are 10 frames with a bit of notes about each

    Dave Macewen's Lucky Duck is no longer dark blue or a SC52'.
    This newest edition, is a Rodgers 46' that has a pedigree history down under... expect the
    new Lucky Duck to be making noise down the road!

    Paul Dorsey's Adjudicator, a Carkeek 40' with British heritage replaces his former mini rocket, the Soto 30' Gentoo
    and has hit the ground running, being overall 1st to finish with a time of 03:03:57 elapsed! at -48 PHRF, it matches Lucky Duck, rating wise,
    expected some good head to head competition between the too...

    Brice Dunwoodie's J88Ravenette took the 11 boat strong Division 4 with an impressive 03:40:20 elapsed!

    Byung Chung's Andrew's 43Kahoots (nee It's Okay) has undergone lots of yard time and will be participating in a variety
    of offshore events with her daughters and live in capt Mitch this season, god willing!

    Don Jesberg's Cal 40' Viva was one of 5 114 raters in Division 6, yet took 1st with an elapsed time of 03:53:45

    Erica Mattson and John Seigel sailed their Moore 24 Moorigami to a Division 8 victory!
    "The Bickersons" as they call themselves, are a 2 Moore family, this one lives on the bay and their latest acquisition
    is a Tahoe boat where they reside.

    Evan Mcdonald & George Kiskaddon sailed the F22'Greyhound to corrected multihull victory, besting
    Rick Waltonsmith's Round Midnight that is twice as long!

    Lana Chang and crew of Psycho Tiller made a triumphant return to the offshore circuit, winning division 03
    on corrected. Her hard working 1st mate and sometimes media guy, Jim Goldberg put this piece together for you all to enjoy!
    Righteous Video Link

    Romeo Uriarte's Landmark 43' Destin took line and corrected victory in Division 2,
    The racer/cruiser is both handsome as it it fast!

    Updated Selects Gallery

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