• The Solo March To Hanalei Has Commenced

    11 adventurous souls departed a very breezy San Francisco Bay, riding a 1.4 knot ebb out of the blue and
    into the mystic. Destination Hanalei Bay on the Island of Kuai.

    Of the 11 singlehanded sailors 8 are SHTP virgins, with only Jim Quanci aboard his well traveled Cal 40' Green Buffalo
    Bill Strange aboard his Westsail 32' Hula and Clifford Shaw on his 10 meter catamaran Rainbow being seasoned
    Single Handed Trip to paradise. A 2, 123 nm challenge of mental and physical endurance, seamanship and solitude!

    The Single Handed Transpac usually occurs on even years, but the COVID 19 pandemic messed with many a plan, and the race was
    subsequently postponed to this year, and even then, a host of travel restrictions and concerns reduced the number of sailors to a bare minimum.

    The full entrant list:

    ↓ Sail Number Boat Name Skipper Make Rating
    KA-1 RAINBOW Shaw, Clifford Crowther 10m custom 258
    13 ALOHA Vanderspek, Kyle Hobie 33 87
    36 MOUNTAIN Bernhard, Reed J/109 69
    42 SEA WISDOM Lee, William 1987 Hinckley sou wester 42 competition sloop 150
    88 HULA Bill Stange Westsail 32 219
    164 NOZOMI Robb Walker Cal 40 114
    8536 GREEN BUFFALO Jim Quanci Cal 40 114
    18201 SHARK ON BLUEGRASS Meissner, Falk Olson 25 159
    41729 PERPLEXITY Wilkerson, John Express 37-1 72
    57663 SIREN Huffman, Brendan Santa Cruz 33 114
    61428 NORTHERN STAR Wylly, James Sabre 426 1

    ALOHA UPDATE Number 1 From Kyle Vanderspek

    ALOHA and good evening from Team Aloha.

    Day 1 of the 2021 Singlehanded Transpac.

    It was an emotional morning getting underway from Richmond Yacht Club at 9:00 it was nice to have great support from the shoreside team as I motored out the harbor into a freshening breeze. Wind was heavy inside the bay for our start off The St. Francis Yacht Club, we saw about 20 knots, I opted for my new Ullman number 3 jib because thatís all I have onboard, I made the game time decision to leave the genoa on the dock which, benefits my rating giving me 3 seconds a mile.

    Having had success on the mark end of the last two Hawaii race starts I opted for that technique again and was rewarded with the first look of the entire fleet behind me. Much to similar fashion in the Pacific Cup start I watched the heavy boys sail by me in the chop and breeze of San Francisco. It was a very noticeable difference today sailing for the first time in heavy breeze with my new Water Rat rudder, absolutely incredible instead of the boat rounding up it just pressed forward.

    The goal now is to battle hard in the chop and slop to stay close enough to attack when the WHOMPER goes up and we start planning. That heavy breeze in the 20s on the way out the bay have given way to much lighter conditions at 5 knots currently with a decent chop and swell indicative of the bigger breeze offshore. Just short of the Farallon's the sun had tried to break through a few times without much luck making it for a somewhat chilly afternoon and what will probably be a cold and dark night under the layer of clouds.

    It's days like today that every penny of good foul weather gear pays off. Iíve probably seen at least twenty whales so far with four of five of them having come in real close for a look, most about 100 feet off, but I believe I startled one earlier when he barrel rolled out of the way about 10 feet to leeward of the jib, not sure who was more scared, me or the whale, but it was probably me. Hoping to see the wind veer to the west and then north as I pass through the southerly surge and into the synoptic breeze. Hard to say for sure when this may happen, but Iím very much hoping for it to happen this evening. At about 2000

    I put up the CODE ZERO and built speed, hoping to pike into the header and get back to the jib later tonight.
    Just had a slice of deep dish pizza from earlier this week, canít say why, but man do I love cold pizza. Thatís about it from Aloha. Hoping for a pleasant first night. ĖKyle


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