• Wednesday July 21st Update


    Fleet: As of 07:00 HST the fleet has congregated midway through the track and Ho'okolohe the breakaway
    leader. All boats are currently enjoying good pressure , with winds in the low 20's, life is good.
    Some boats are diving a bit south, Fast Exit, Patches, Lucky Duck, Lucky and Juno , apparently seeking a tad more
    breeze from the remnants of a tropical storm.

    Div 1:
    BadPak remains in the lead on corrected time, with Lucky just one hour off the estimated pace,
    Pyewacket has posted a 402nm VMG and is on pace to overtake Ho'okolohe for line honors

    Peligroso leads the division and posted a 354nm VMG over the past 24 hours! All boats sailing in the
    12+knots rang and expected to arrive this weekend!

    The 52's are all humming along quite nicely, Warrior Won is division leader with a 4 hour
    corrected lead over 2nd place Vitesse and 7.5 hour lead over sistership Callisto

    Div 4

    The Sleds are sledding along in the 11 plus knot range, with Pied Piper holding a corrected lead over 2nd place
    Grand Illusion of 1.3 hours!

    Things are much tighter in this division, with Bretwalda holding a 4 hour corrected lead over Nereid, which in turn , currently has a
    20 second lead over Rufless which leads Lucky Duck by 40 something minutes!

    Triumph is the current crown wearer in the SC50 fleet, possessing a 17 minute corrected advantage over Horizon
    and just shy of 3 hours over Oaxaca. All boats surfing in the 9 plus knot range and are expected in late Sunday and very early Monday!

    Favonius remains the lead dog in this 3 boat division, where all boats are still expecting podium slots!
    They have staggered ETA's with boats finishing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

    Div 8
    Still 1st in division and Line Honor, Team Novato, aka Ho'okolohe, can still pull this one off with good luck and
    navigating for line honors. Expected in sometime Friday with a full moon, it will be a magical ending to a magical voyage!
    Spindrift V is now in second on corrected, but still needs to make up 9 plus hours to overtake!

    Line Honors
    Pyewacket has an estimated finish time of approximately 09:00 Friday with Ho'okolohe's of 19:20 and Lucky's 22:15
    but there are plenty of miles and gybes to go....
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