• Circle of Pain Delivers: 2011 Sarcoma Cup

    William Helvestine's SC 50 "Deception" , fresh back from an impressive Trans Pac debut
    was the big dog of the regatta!

    George Ellison's " Shameless and Andy Newell's "Ahi" were 1-2 in PHRF B

    Wind's freshened in the early afternoon, Rich & Tony Festa's II Havic leads the 14 boat strong
    5.70 fleet around the weather mark on the South Hampton Course

    Doug Bailey's "Akula" and Scooter Simmon's" Balckhack" duel for clear air as Marc Vayn's "Whisper" gets
    the hoist completed in the J-105 Class

    Motorcycle Irene, (no relationship to Hurricane Irene) was once the possession of Will Paxton,
    Will still makes guest appearances, but can usually be found working with various offshore and
    other major campaigns, his latest was Aboard Grand Illusion, winner of the SC 70's class in this
    years Transpac.

    More as info trickles in from the exhausted and exuberant crew from Sarcoma Cup regroup, got a story
    to share?
    Sarcoma Cup Thread

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