• Sun Splashed Saturday

    Fabio Maino and crew aboard the FT "Centomiglia" didn't have the best of days result wise at the GGYC's
    Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup finale at the GGYC on Saturday, but when the race did end, with only 2 divisions
    completing the tenuous course in light airs and a nagging ebb, things got better!

    Right place at the right time. As the afternoon wore on, the warm north easterly breeze slowly increased, and Centomiglia just happened to be in a great position as we passed by the Bay Bridge and could not resist the opportunity
    to make the day a little brighter!

    Fabio's been a big contributor to Pressure Drop for some time and we always look forward to
    seeing his videos from the the days events!

    Keep em coming guys!

    The Cazzaranda Channel on You Tube!