• War Po HMB Race Report

    Team WarPo (a.k.a. Moose & Squirrel) has yet to have an incident-free race. The One Way to Half Moon Bay Race was no exception. We almost couldn’t leave the dock as we were stuck in the mud! Then, there was the disagreement about the course flag (“Squirrel” just didn’t think it was logical that the big boat fleet had a shorter course, “Moose” was more than adamant that she saw the #2 flag).

    Due to the “wall of wind” forecast on the outside, we started the HMB race pre-reefed – but the lack of wind inside and a huge spring tide flood made it practically impossible to get “out there.” We watched the first two fleets repeatedly be “Emily Carr-ed.” So, shaking out the reef and short tacking along the north side was the only way out (for us). It was a two hour, tiring endeavor, but it was a multi-fleet effort.

    Lucky Duck was one of the first to escape the tidal claws and sped off in the horizon without us. We danced with Starbuck and Racer-X near the G8 until we finally found our groove. The sea state was smooth in the channel. But as we neared R2, the NW winds reached 25 kts and it became bumpy enough that going down below was not really a good idea.

    We crossed paths with Transit of Venus and rounded the (proper) mark and then, the next “incident” occurred. In Pac Cup prep mode, we hoisted the A5 in a sock. However, the cheeky retrieval line decided to liberate itself, causing the sock to deploy prematurely and pulled the (uncleated) tack line entirely out (BAD Moose!). Transit took off with a well-behaved kite while we were on damage control duty. We replace the A5 with a shiny new jib top (yippee!).

    The winds fluctuated but stayed in the teens, for the most part. The swell was mild, even at Mavericks. The sun was shining and we were smiling again. We sailed through a large red tide – which looked like an eerie root beer sea. It was warm, really warm. I couldn’t take off my midlayers because I refused to give up the helm. I was having so much fun driving and working on boat speed that, for a few minutes, I forgot that Mark was on board (bad, bad Moose!).

    We finished shortly before 1600. We had a few beers before cleaning up the boat (that’s how we do it) and socialized with friends at the dock. We had a great time – which is the point, really.

    Peace Out, Moose & Squirrel
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