• Pressure Drop Welcomes Sail Tactics

    Sail Tactics provides ultra-high resolution wind and tide forecasts for the San Francisco Bay that help sailors win races or find better cruising conditions. Racers in the SF Bay used the Sail Tactics forecasts to win nearly every major race in 2014. Each morning, 365 days per year, Sail Tactics provides a fresh forecast for the wind and tidal currents generated using the latest-available weather and Delta river-flow data.

    Sail Tactics started as wind forecasts distributed via email by Mike Dvorak around the time of the America's Cup in 2013. Mike got into weather modeling while studying offshore wind energy for his PhD at Stanford University. While the America's Cup was going on in the SF Bay, Mike was doing postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley modeling turbulent winds in wind farms. As a side project, he challenged himself to model the SF Bay winds using the same state-of-the-art forecasting technology he used in his research. He was pleased to find that his weather simulations could realistically model the complex winds coming through the Golden Gate during the America's Cup events. After the email forecasts sent out only on race mornings gained in popularity, Mike decided to dedicate six months of hardcore programming to create a full blown forecasting website. In March 2014, while Mike was anchored off Sausalito in his 33 foot sloop, Sail Tactics was born as a 365-day per year forecasting operation.

    In January 2015, Mike enlisted one of his fellow researchers at UC Berkeley and SF Bay tidal modeling expert, Rusty Holleman, to create daily tidal current forecasts. Rusty's PhD at Cal focused on optimizing a tidal current model for flows in the San Francisco Bay. Each day, Rusty takes in the latest weather and Delta river-flow data to create the most accurate tide forecast possible. Rusty's tide forecasts, combined with Mike's wind forecasts give SF Bay sailors all the weather and tide information they need to get a leg up on their competition, find the perfect amount of wind for a cruise with friends, pick the right sails to carry, or simply know when it's time to abandon the race to spend time with family, rather than waiting for the westerly that never comes.

    What sets Sail Tactics apart from other forecast is two things. One is that we make colorful forecast maps that allows sailors to make strategic decisions on the water. Other guys will charge you $75 per day to simply get a long, text email that says the winds in the Slot are going to increase at sometime in the afternoon, with maybe a shift or two. We draw colorful pictures of the wind and tides that allow you to execute, not wonder. Secondly, our subscribers have a proven track record of winning. They won nearly every major SF Bay race of 2014.

    We hope you'll consider giving our forecasts a try for a month. Subscription pricing information can be found at this page and Mike Dvorak is happy to personally answer your questions if you email mailto:support@sailtactics.com
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