• UPDATE ON Susie Goodall

    UPDATE...Susie is OK but it is tough out there..she still can't believe she is about to evacuate from her boat, but is now focused on preparations and the very real challenge of getting off the boat. She appreciates the risks and the efforts involved from so many. Here are the main points discussed from the call a short time ago..The SHIP will arrive in the middle of the night her time at 0500UTC 7th DEC. #GGR2018

    She is not able to hold down any food or drink and feels quite weak. This is possibly sea sickness.
    She managed to get a few hours sleep last night
    She has set an anchor and rope off the stern as a sea anchor.
    She CANNOT RUN HER ENGINE YET! still trying..
    Sea is currently 5mtrs with a 4 mtr cross sea making it very confusing.
    The Bilge fills every hour but is easily pumped and contained.
    She CANNOT rig her emergency RADAR REFLECTOR but has her SART ( Radar Transponder READY.
    She will rig one emergency NAVIGATION LIGHT tonight for arrival of TIAN FU.
    She had an operational VHF MARINE hand held radio with full batteries.
    She is prepared to launch the LIFE RAFT on long rope if needed for transfer.

    GGR has advised her to be prepared for two possibilities 1. Small boat transfer if conditions allow...2. the ship will be positioned beside her with a PILOT Ladder or Cargo net over the side. If so DHL STARLIGHT will be stationary in the water with a sea anchor holding head to wind.

    The ship may be in Ballast only which means a high sided ship to climb up. We discussed all preparation issues with both operations. A life raft transfer could be considered but all decisions will be made by the master of the ship at the scene.
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