• Susie Gets A Lift

    SUSIE IS ON THE SHIP!!!!! wowowowwo!! message just received..from Susie Goodall Racing

    ON THE SHIP!!! Position: 45' 10.711 S 121' 40.157 W at 07 Dec 15:14 UTC

    THanks to all involved and the Master and Crew of the TIAN FU!!! Fantastic news. THANKS to MRCC CHILE..and UK MRCC.This is fantastic news indeed...well done to SUSIE too!!!! WOOP WOOP!! #GGR2018


    Previously: From Susie Goodall Racing

    It’s going quicker than planned — the cargo ship has arrived! The waves are still 3-4 metres and there’s a glimmer of light on the horizon.

    Susie has activated her SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) so they can locate her via radio (not so easy from a 190m-long ship!) , dropped her sea anchor and is testing the engine.

    The plan, if approved by the master of the ship, is to use one of its 4 cranes and hoist her onboard. The sea is too rough to deploy their woman-overboard rescue boat. The ship will keep moving at a couple of knots so it can steer and then lower its crane.

    If her engine is working (it was briefly), Susie will motor alongside, put on her lifejacket and climbing harness, and get ready to clip in. There’ll also be a bag or 2 she can tie on. Now comes the tricky part…

    Because both Susie’s boat and the ship are swaying, the crane will be far from steady. She’ll have to time it right and prepare to be yanked off the boat.

    Fingers crossed!
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