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    Published on 06-23-2021 10:04 AM
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    From Will Lee s/v Sea Wisdom @ 1654 on 06.22.21

    Hi Jackie, good afternoon. This is Will from Sea Wisdom. My email system is acting up and takes me hours to send and receive email msgs. So I’m switch to texting as my primary way of communicating with other people. I informed Brian about this already. Just in case if you don’t know it yet. Thanks for your email. Because you don’t have Facebook, I can text you my daily blog entry.

    Day 3, June 21, "It’s getting hot here in the doldrum."

    Day 3 began with light wind, and the sun came out for the first time since last Saturday. The wind was so light, there were actually more work on the boat. I had to make every slight adjustments to the sails in order to take advantage the occasionally ...
    Published on 06-22-2021 02:12 PM
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    Cost of Marin kayaker's ocean rescue? $42,000. Who pays the bill?
    Photo of Gregory Thomas SFGate

    When news broke that the U.S. Coast Guard was called to rescue ocean kayaker Cyril Derreumaux off the coast of Santa Cruz earlier this month, the questions started rolling in: How much does a helicopter rescue cost? Is that charge passed onto taxpayers? Why doesn’t the Coast Guard bill the kayaker?

    “Why should taxpayers foot the bill for his narcissistic waste of time?” one person wrote in an email to The Chronicle.

    Published on 06-22-2021 10:16 AM
    Article Preview

    Wally the walrus spotted mounting yachts in Isles of Scilly after no UK sightings since May

    images © Scott Reid

    An arctic walrus that became a familiar sight in west Wales as been spotted in the Isles of Scilly after no UK sightings in almost a month.

    The Arctic creature made itself at home in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, for two months, but eventually ...
    Published on 06-22-2021 09:04 AM
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    From Kyle-As you all may have noticed, last night was a pretty big turning point in the race for most if not all of us out here. I began the evening firmly on port tack with the code zero up. Several ...
    Published on 06-21-2021 08:43 AM
    Article Preview


    DAY 2 ALOHA UPDATE 20:00
    Good evening All! After spending most of the day with the jib up the wind backed a bit further south and I was able to once again put up the code zero this time with some success pushing me along a course nearing 230 which is the rhumb line. I have been able to make good progress to the west without giving up too much room to the pack that’s pushing further south which I think is ...
    Published on 06-21-2021 08:08 AM
    Article Preview

    MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. —Coast Guard crews from McKinleyville and North Bend, Oregon, rescued six people from their 79-foot sailboat Saturday, approximately 80 miles west of Crescent City.

    Coast Guard Sector Humboldt ...
    Published on 06-20-2021 11:59 AM
    Article Preview

    11 adventurous souls departed a very breezy San Francisco Bay, riding a 1.4 knot ebb out of the blue and
    into the mystic. Destination Hanalei Bay on the Island of Kuai.

    Of the 11 singlehanded sailors 8 are SHTP virgins, with only Jim Quanci aboard his well traveled Cal 40' Green Buffalo
    Bill Strange aboard his Westsail 32' Hula and Clifford Shaw on his 10 meter catamaran Rainbow being seasoned
    Single Handed Trip to paradise. ...
    Published on 06-18-2021 04:39 PM
    Article Preview

    An autonomous ship’s first effort to cross the Atlantic shows the difficulty of the experiment
    Dalvin Brown for The Washington Post

    Just over 400 years after the Mayflower made its revolutionary voyage from England, across the Atlantic Ocean toward the Americas, a futuristic sea vessel with the same name set sail following a similar path. Only this time, there was no captain or crew onboard. Instead, the vessel would use radar to peer into the horizon, ...
    Published on 06-18-2021 11:55 AM
    Article Preview

    Italian youth crew prevails among
    Rolex Giraglia’s IRC 0 maxis

    In a fantastic result for the Rolex Giraglia’s hosts and organiser, the Yacht Club Italiano (YCI), their ‘club boat’, Adriano Calvini’s Felci 61 Itacentodue, claimed the race’s IRC 0 maxi boat class after crossing the Genoa finish line mid-evening yesterday.

    Coming out on top against some extremely well sailed maxi yachts was especially satisfying since Itacentodue’s crew largely comprised 17-25 year old talent from the YCI’s B&G supported offshore sailing academy. However during the race wisdom being imparted to them by their tactician America’s Cup and Olympic legend Tommaso Chieffi and Ambrogio Beccaria, series class ...
    Published on 06-18-2021 08:45 AM
    Article Preview

    BOSTON — The crew of a good Samaritan vessel rescued an 81-year-old sailor aboard their disabled 36-foot sailing vessel approximately 400 miles south east of Long Island, New York.

    Coast Guard 1st ...
    Published on 06-16-2021 09:11 AM
    Article Preview

    Fleets compress as light winds continue on the approach to leg three finish in Genova

    It’s a tense time for the sailors in The Ocean Race Europe as they close in on the finish line with final hurdles ahead

    Another 24 hours of light wind racing out on the Mediterranean on the third and final leg of The Ocean Race Europe has seen both the VO65 and IMOCA 60 fleets compress significantly as they push towards the finish ...
    Published on 06-15-2021 04:34 PM
    Article Preview

    NZ Herald
    By: Eduan Roos and Julia Gabel

    No final decision has been made about where the next America's Cup will be held - but it is highly unlikely that it will be in New Zealand.

    Team New Zealand CEO ...
    Published on 06-15-2021 10:46 AM
    Article Preview

    Captains Log 14th June.
    The opportunity in the Obstacle!
    Learn, apply, reset, implement, move forward.

    New World Record - 212mile, open ocean unsupported Wing-foil mission giving back to Education, Ocean & planet.

    Success means something different to everyone.. for me it’s about starting something that you have dreamed of and planned for years and implementing it.
    Getting to the start line is always my definition of success, if you achieve that you have already won, as you have often already ...
    Published on 06-15-2021 09:56 AM
    Article Preview

    Simon Winer and Bart Hackworth on Gruntled in foreground and Keith Stahnke and Melinda Erkelen's on Family Circus engaging in an 8 hour match race
    during the 2021 Delta Ditch Run on Saturday

    "They tell us that Gruntled won overall but how should we know, we were just focused on ...
    Published on 06-14-2021 09:50 AM
    Article Preview

    Breakaway moves deliver mixed results in The Ocean Race Europe

    It’s a light air chess game on the Mediterranean as IMOCA and VO65 fleets split and play high stakes game of risk and reward

    The 12 international teams competing in The Ocean Race Europe have been dealing with light and incalcitrant breezes on their first night at sea after setting off yesterday on the inaugural event’s third and final leg from Alicante, Spain to Genova, Italy.

    Pre-start weather forecasts predicted light winds throughout the leg and overnight the five-boat ...
    Published on 06-14-2021 08:35 AM
    Article Preview

    Argo demolishes Bermuda-Plymouth record

    In her first outing since the beginning of the pandemic, Jason Carroll’s MOD70 trimaran Argo last week blew away the existing record for the passage between Bermuda and Plymouth, UK.

    The previous record for this 2870 mile course eastbound across ...
    Published on 06-13-2021 07:26 PM
    Article Preview

    A toasty day with just enough breeze to make it interesting yet not terrifying.
    Peter Stoneberg's Extreme 40' Shadow X would take line honors again, but fall to the bottom of the multi hull pack on corrected.
    Peter has enough pickle dishes and is probably happy to sail with a full crew again!

    Trevor Baylis teamed up with David Schumann on the Sea Cart 30 Bottle Rocket for the win in Multi ! division

    Evan McDonald brought ...
    Published on 06-13-2021 10:08 AM
    Article Preview

    A fast start with a long, interesting leg ahead from Alicante to Genova

    Conditions were ideal for the start of Leg 3 with the IMOCAs putting on a foiling spectacle as the VO65 fleet split, setting up an early tactical battle...

    The third and final offshore leg of The Ocean Race Europe got underway today in Alicante, Spain where the 12-boat international fleet of yachts representing nine countries and crewed by sailors from around the world set off into the Mediterranean bound for Genova, Italy.

    The Ocean Race Europe fleet arrived in Alicante on Wednesday June 9 after a three-day second leg two from Cascais, Portugal, having previously raced there from Lorient, France on leg one.

    In contrast ...
    Published on 06-10-2021 02:14 PM
    Article Preview

    Team Members: Shad Lemke, Mark Bostrom, Scott Wood, Jefferson Franklin
    Hometown: Wilsall, MT
    Race Vessel: Olson 30 Monohull
    LOA: 29.95'
    Human Propulsion: Pedal drives

    The inaugural all within the USA long distance, human or sail power has it's 1st overall 1st to finish winner, but there are contestants stacked all over the place!
    Don't feel alone that you are just getting your 1st indication that there even WAS a replacement endurance event to replace the R2AK.

    You can ...
    Published on 06-10-2021 11:41 AM
    Article Preview

    24 boats in 5 divisions are on the run, literally.
    The race from Astoria to Port Angeles is back with some familiar faces and some not so much.
    the 193 nm jaunt is a feeder to the ...

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