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July PNW Cruise Day 32

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July PNW Cruise Day 32
Roche Harbor to Seattle (Our last day...)

We left Roche Harbor early Monday morning for the long trip back to Seattle and promptly ran into a pod of Orca’s getting their Salmon breakfast in Haro Straits. I killed the motor and drifted for a bit enjoying the huge beasts as the slowly lumbered by. MacIntosh, once again, decided he needed to swim with the Orcas and we had to put him below so we could enjoy them without spending our energy holding on to the dog so he wouldn’t jump over. Once through the pod we fired up the motor and started, again, on our trip. I set the speed and autopilot, grabbed my book and PSSSSHHHH right next to me. No more than 15 minutes of motoring and we where back into another group of whales. I killed the motor again and drifted until they went by and then continued on our trip. Everything set again, I grab my book, read about a page and PSSSSHHHH right next to us again!

OK, this is getting ridiculous, I really enjoy the whales but we trying to get a long way today and we’re not going to make it at this rate. Rant over with, the whales moved along and we motored off into the early morning fog.

The fog never developed into a thick nuisance but the wind never developed over 2 knots either. The motor had a long hard day pushing us towards Seattle, but I had a great day relaxing reading almost an entire book while the scenery changed every time I looked up.

As the sun set over the Olympics for the day and for the last time on our trip, we pulled into Shilshole, tied up to our familiar liveaboard slip and set off for the Sloop Tavern to meet up with long missed friends for dinner. Great trip, we didn’t have enough time to go everywhere in the San Juans, but that leaves us another trip in the near future!

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