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Ballard Sailor

Fiddlers and Zoo Animals

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St. Patty’s day and some time with Jennifer’s family - no boats this weekend. We arrived at Jerame’s by Noon on Saturday and quickly grabbed his two labs, Zeus and Ginger, along with his oldest son Zac and hit the local park for a long walk in the sun. With treelined paths, hills and a river this was a dog’s paradise. We swam all three dogs hard in the river, stick after stick MacIntosh, Zeus and Ginger chased and swam to their hearts content until finally they slowed down a bit and we continued our walk. Not done yet, Zac took off on a run with the dogs, through the woods, up the hills and finally climbing a rock that only Ginger, the oldest, would join him at the top of.

We followed the walk with dinner at a local diner and then headed off to Zac’s high school to watch him in his school play, Fiddler on the Roof, in which Zac plays the part of Motel, the town tailor. These kids had a blast on stage with some great costumes and confident acting. Zac looked so comfortable up on stage that we quickly forgot he was our nephew Zac. We were absorbed into the trials of Motel in his quest for the hand of the one he loves in a time when matchmakers chose your betrothed, not yourself. We left Zac with his mother after the show and headed on back to Jennifer’s parents for a nice quiet evening, well as quiet as it can be in the Irish part of Philly on St. Patty’s Day!

Sunday morning we got going early and headed off with Jerame to pick up his girls, Ava & Sophie, from his in-laws with plans to spend the afternoon at the Zoo. When was the last time you went to the Zoo? Remember being enthralled by the monkeys and apes? Getting the heebee jeebee’s in the reptile house? We did it all over again through the eyes of a 6 and 4 year old.

The girls love the zoo and, with their family pass, get to come and go every chance they get. They took us on a tour of the facility showing us the tiger cubs that had been born there, the giraffe baby also born there, the monkeys and apes, the snakes and alligators. You name it these girls were excited about it.

They even have a pass holders’ only building with a bunch of exhibits to explore, climb on, slide on or crawl inside of. We spent hours walking around, playing and exploring at the zoo followed by hours of getting to know the girls at Jerame’s for dinner later that evening. They kept us moving, worked out all those kinks from all the hours of sitting in the van - fun, inquisitive girls!

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