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  1. It's Over: Banque Populaire Throws in The Towell

    Saturday, 5 February 2011Heading Home...
    Day14.3 'Heading Home' 45S 01E

    Hi everyone

    As you might have heard by now, we have turned our bows...
  2. Stan Honey Breaks Down the Round The World How To

    Kimball Livingston educates us via San Francisco Bay's own Stan Honey on how to get some sweetness out of the Southern Ocean:

    Stan Honey navigated Franck Cammas’ 105-foot Groupama 3 to a 48-day...
  3. After hitting a UFO in the night between...

    After hitting a UFO in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, Pascal Bidégorry and his men put in their way North to find conditions of wind and sea allowing them to drift out of its wells to...
  4. Banque Populaire Gains On Groupama's Record

    The maxi tri has been making great progress and putting mile on the current record, now some 415 miles ahead of Groupama's record...
  5. Jules Verne Trophy Attempt via Banque Populaire

    Video from day 1

    The might trimaran departed Saturday and managed to gobble up 717 NM in her 1st 24
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