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Thread: Newbie at Ivanpah

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    Newbie at Ivanpah

    Okay, so I've never sailed my Blokart at Ivanpah, what can I expect? Rigging suggestions, sails, masts, whatever. I weigh about 205lbs/93kg. I have a bit of Blokart time on the Oregon beaches, and plenty of Laser racing experience.

    Anyway, thanks for any help,

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    The first decision is to race "Production" or "Performance" in your weight class. Production is almost like it came out of the box, with a few small mods. Performance has definite limits, but in Performance you have carbon fiber masts and use a Pod to enclose you, among other differences. Of course there is additional expense for the pod and mast. At your weight, a 3 meter and a 4 meter sail will let you sail about 90% of the time. I weigh a little more than you and all I have is a 3 and a 4. In very high wind, I'd need a 2 meter, but at that wind, I think I'll stay home. In very light wind you would need a 5 meter sail.

    As an admitted newbie, I'd say you'll have lots of fun and learn a lot, racing in production for at least the first year. This is my third year and I'm still in production and havin' a ball. See you there. Loring

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    Make sure you are prepared to go fast. Bring a good helmet, goggles and a dust mask. If you have room bring extra tires, tubes and a tire repair kit, wearing out tires and flat tires are the biggest problem people have.
    When I get back on a beach after Ivanpah I fell like I an dragging a anchor when blokarting on the beach.

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    How do you keep the dust out of all your orifices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post
    How do you keep the dust out of all your orifices?
    Go so fast that they close up tighter than a ......

    Frangram - will there be tires, tubes, axels, other spares available from a dealer on site?

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    Thanks everyone for the help, lots of good info. Production vs. Performance, that has been my main question and I think it's been answered. The one thing about the Production class I can't find an answer to is if brakes are allowed?


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    The short answer on brakes is No for production and Yes for performance. This is because it is classed as a Btech part, not a standard part, IBRA rules B.1 and B.2

    The concept behind production is that you can buy the most basic kart and not have to do any more than put a ratchet block on it, clean out the bearings and go racing.

    Where as performance you are, to be competitive, up for carbon masts (a few combinations), a Pod, an upgraded downhaul, mast crane, and batten tuning

    IBRA is assessing certain rules at the moment, and this is one that is on the list,
    although I would never consider using it myself
    The idea is to go faster not slower and I have never had a time that I felt like I wanted brakes fitted.

    One situation that would need to be considered is: under the IBRA rules a kart clear astern must give way to one clear ahead, if the kart clear ahead slams on the brakes, the kart clear astern can not do anything about it.... so as you can see it is not so easy to just include brakes in the rules as other safety issues need to be taken into account.

    Having said that I know of a few venues where the local city council has required brakes to be used. Local sailing rules can always override the IBRA rules for something like this.

    I will ensure that the right people still have it on the list to consider.

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