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Thread: Dead Down Wind Faster Than The Wind On Dirt

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    Dead Down Wind Faster Than The Wind On Dirt

    We built a wind powered vehicle designed to go *directly* downwind - faster than the wind. This is the second run of our first outing. We intended these first "attempts" only as shakeout runs. But we ended up doing better than our ultimate goal of twice windspeed. As a result, we've now set our goal at 3X windspeed.

    This is the second run on the first of the two days we spent on the lakebed in Ivanpah, NV.

    We've blanked out the audion in places since it wouldn't be responsible to publish numbers that aren't official. We plan to make a well instrumented official run before the officials of the North American Land Sailing Association soon. Once that data has been certified we will publish all data.

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    And while we are playing in the dirt

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    Oh no, please do not invite Spork to come over here. What an obnoxious arrogant twat he is.
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    Concrete and cars are their own prison bars....
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    The ULTIMATE sailing video ever. 2.5x faster than the sailboard/kite set will ever go. Faster than on ICE, by far! This is the wildest sailing, and some of the most advanced sailboat engineering that the world has seen yet. I was there the day after this, impressively smart guys! Amazing machine and amazing record!

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