The Sun shown and the wind blew. The CYC's 1st annual Rob Moore Memorial Regatta
was basked in all things good, much like Rob Moore himself, no doubt smiling from above. With winds from the north and a negligible tide shift, Saturdays participants enjoyed a race downhill start and pleasant ride across the Bay to the City Front to Blossom and back. Don Payan's new MC38, "Whiplash" did not fare well Saturday, but finally got their 1st Ace Sunday when the more traditional westerlies filled in..

Alpha Puppy leads a group from PHRF 2

Mark Dowdy's SC 50' "Hana Ho" doing the Chicken Coop proud!

Trygve (Trig) Liljestrand's J-90 "Ragtime" in front and drawing well

Ian Mathews C&C 29-1 " Siento el Viento" surrounded bay IOD's "Fjaer" and "Bolero"

Cal -a - Bunga, 5 Cal 20's on the line thanks to persistant nagging by Richard vonEhrenkrook in Can o' Whoopass, which beat all comers by a handsome margin...

J-105's were well represented with 8 boats in attendance, here Rolf Kaisers "Donkey Jack" in front.

As Rob Moore himself might say "A Classic Cluster F#@% at Blossom"

Currently rated #6 on the National Mens Basketball rankings, whoever scribbled this
is overly optimistic...We all know Cal is going to maul the competition in March...

Moore PicsRight HERE!!