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Thread: Silver Eagle 2014: The Shadow Knows The Way

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    Silver Eagle 2014: The Shadow Knows The Way

    A very small contingent for this years Silver Eagle Long Distance Regatta, which selected the long, long distance race with the predicted winds in excess of 25 knots on the Bay proper. With only 5 boats in the 49.5 nm race, which stated off the Golden Gate Yacht Club, went up to Blackaller, Little Harding, Blossom, Petaluma River Entrance Buoy,
    All the south to the Protrero Point Marker, Alameda NAS Channel marker, back up to SC1 near Mission Rock and finish at Island Yacht Club in the Estuary.

    When all was said and done, only 2 boats managed to eek to the finish, with Peter Stoneberg's Prosail 40 Shadow crossing the line just about 4:00 PM to claim the muti division. Glen Krawiec's Tartan 10 Ghost was the sole competitor in the monohull division,and the only other boat to finish.

    Rafi Yahalom Sprint 750 MKII Looking Good was looking good, but did not complete the course.

    Tom Seibel's Mod 70' was in position to completely demolish the race record, sailing with Tom, Charlie Ogletree, Zan Drejes, Matt Noble, Hogan Beatie, Skip McCormack, Cooper Dressler and James Clappier were approaching the Brothers when they took a closer look at the water depth of the Petaluma River Channel mark and surrounding waters and decided not to risk damage to the daggerboards in the shallow waters, instead they rounded The Brothers, bore off for a speed run across the Berkeley flats and onto the South Bay which was dead. A Mod 70 is made for speed, and rather than bob around in the lee of Yerba Buena, they fired up the motor and went chasing Invisible Hand and then headed out to Bonita for a look see..."Last year we did the Half Moon Bay Race and it was dead, took us forever to get to Pillar Point and then we got beat up coming back. It's always a roll of the dice this time of year, said Zan " This year, a long distance race inside the Bay sounded like the better choice, but when we got outside the Gate and saw the conditions, we were bummed. Could been there in 1/2 and hour"

    The weekend wasn't completely a bust, as you can see in Cooper Dressler's video, which he took on Friday, blasting about the Bay on a Mod 70 in 20 plus knots, does not suck.


    What does suck, was the explosion of the rig on Tom's other fast multi hull boat, the Sig 45 Vamonos, which also in play on Friday, when inexplicably the rig came tumbling down. "The boat just came back from the winter in Mexico and there were no signs of weakness and weren't really pushing the boat that hard, so it's a mystery why it failed" Said Zan "Fortunately nobody got hurt and we were able to get out of harms way in a hurry"
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    A few start pictures trail of the 2014 Island Yacht Club Silver Eagle race:

    Shadow, Formula 40, 1st across the starting line

    Orion, MOD70, to leeward for a moment,

    Lookin' Good, Sprint 750 Mk II

    Ghost, Tartan 10, off the Golden Gate Yacht Club starting line

    Ma's Rover, C/F-31RS

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    A few pictures are online in a Gallery.LINK

    The finish line was by the Island Yacht Club in the Alameda Estuary.

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