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Thread: Mysterious SC 50 Syndicate Surfaces On SF Bay

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    just tryin to help a brother out

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    When is the big announcement?

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    Not much to say really. A group of reformed dinghy sailors (read, got old) got together and bought the boat referred to in post 1. She'll be coming up the coast late next week if all goes according to plan, and will be based in Brickyard Cove, (we're all RYC members) with the OYRA, 2015 TPac and 2016 PacCup on the docket.

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    Outstanding! A syndicate is the way to own a boat like that one.

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    ** Like **


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    It had to happen sooner or later, Lisa and I are now co-owners of a boat with a keel: a Santa Cruz 50. Plan is do do Pacific Cup 2016 (SF to Hawaii), but might also do Transpac 2015 (LA to Hawaii) as the boat is pretty much ready to go

    Kirk Twardowski
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    [B]ADRENALINE: This SC50 Has Heart[/B]


    FREE BEER! Now that I have your attention, there’s a new game in town and her name is Adrenaline, a befok (cool) 1994 Santa Cruz 50.


    She was built in South Africa by Eric Bongers under the name Nina. In 2001, she made her way to Southern California and, for years, raced the SoCal/Mexico/Hawaii circuits. Her new owners (Del Olsen, Gail Yando, Greg Mitchell & Byung Choung, Gerry Lampert, Kirk and Lisa Twardowski, and Andy & Maureen Bates) for the most part, are International-14/Canoe junkies, who decided to join forces and buy this ocean racing machine.

    According to legend, the idea was hatched by “the Godfather” Del Olson. He was lurking on for some local big ocean racing boats and threw out the idea to his brus (mates) to trade in their trapezes for something a little bigger. Shortly thereafter, they found Adrenaline and brought her from Long Beach to her new home at Richmond Yacht Club.

    Their plan is to race Adrenaline in the local winter racing scene, spring OYRA, 2015 Transpac, 2016 Pacific Cup, and beyond. Their Hawaiian campaign will be a success if they hoist the second round of mai tais to “the next time.”


    As a transpacific racer on both the first and last SC50s ever built, I have to say that Adrenaline looks like one sweet ride. The topsides are designed for full-on wave surfing while below deck provides quite a luxurious set up. Some modifications include an open transom, new rudder, taller rig, and a bulbed keel.

    Other deets:

    40 hp Volvo Penta
    8’ draft
    B&G 20/20 instruments
    hydraulic backstay and vang
    removable dodger
    carbon spinnaker and jockey (whisker) poles
    suit of sails including a 3DL main, an impressive assortment of headsails, asym kites
    down below: oven, reefer, freezer, forward head (with a door!), nav station, dining table to starboard, ample storage, flush cabin sole, opening port lights, posh v-berth and aft quarter berths (oooh, mattresses!) with no spider hole berths as exhibited in early SC50 models, and forward sail locker.


    Like they say in Mzansi (South Africa): Eeuww man, check this choty goty, is duidelik (Hey dude, check out this pretty girl, she’s cool)!; and, for Rand: Word gou gesond (Get well soon)!
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    Nice to see another SC 50 make its way back to Northern California!

    Update well done!

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    I wish she only drafted 8 feet! We were digging trenches all over the RYC basin and then out in the channel as well.

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