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Thread: Regatta PRO January: Dude, Where's My Wind?

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    Cool Regatta PRO January: Dude, Where's My Wind?

    Saturday, the Small Craft Advisory flight team reported for duty for the third Regatta PRO of the season, only to drift about -waiting and waiting for something, anything (Bueller? Bueller?), to happen. Nothing did. The Big Js and the "Melgi" were able to catch one race, but the rest of us were not so lucky. I know from personal experience that the Race Committee works very hard and that it is a thankless job, BUT we felt that a start, any start, would have been better than waiting for the perfect wind/wind direction that never arrived.

    Because my hands were not busy hoisting, dousing, trimming, I was able to take a few photos.

    watching the Big Js search for wind

    Evil Octopodes (<3 u guyz)

    elusive wind

    source of smell

    a ding dong birthday celebration for a ding dong (yours truly)

    Although I was bummed we didn't get the chance to race, it was a wonderful day on the water with friends, laughs, birthday wishes (thank you! ), a bit of sunshine, - and a few cold ones (after the race was called).

    Peace Out, Bags

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    Happy Birthday !

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