Beer can season has officially begun! Mark, Alex, Sue, Rich, Ryan, and I let War Pony out of the barn to kick off the first Wednesday night race at Richmond Yacht Club. There were boats of all kinds: sportboats, crab catchers, plastic fantastics, and all of the usual RYC suspects. There were even a few people in power boats dressed in costumes (a frightening number of navy blazers and scrambled egg hats, I might add).

The strong westerlies had peaked at around 18 knots (gusts in the low 20s) while everyone was hoisting sails and jockeying for the start. We took off into the wind toward Southampton Shoal Channel Marker R6. I immediately had a flashback to our last Pacific Cup adventure - the boat heeled over, all of the neatly organized “strings” in a puzzled nest, and one winch handle too few. And so began the dance. Some shipping traffic and low tide added to the excitement.

The real fun began when we rounded the mark and hoisted the kite. It was nice to put that upwind business behind us! Although it wasn’t the usual sailing in shorts with a beer in hand, there were smiles all around - inside and outside of the boat. Many thanks to Eric Arens and to Team WarPo for always making this a great event.

Because my hands were too busy trimming main, I failed to take any photos during the race. So here are some shots at “Club Sanderling.”


-Peace Out, Bagley