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Thread: Delta Ditch Run

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    Delta Ditch Run

    Given the drought we are experiencing, what is the effect on the water level for the Delta Ditch run, anybody know ?


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    More salinity further upstream. The San Joaquin has not had a steady flow from the headwaters in decades, so more brackish water further inland and more flood tide. They are putting up a rock wall along False River to try to slow the intrusion. Bring more beer.

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    so they're damning up False River. See ya Bethel Isle.

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    7 F18's hitting the ditch this year.

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    I doubt damning False River will do much more than make the water warmer and more stagnant.

    Honestly, I wonder if some of these bureaucrats have much more than a 3rd grade education.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F18 5150 View Post
    7 F18's hitting the ditch this year.
    Impressive. Any flying boats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Flash View Post
    Impressive. Any flying boats?
    None registered yet. The N-20 and Flying Phantom are possibilities.

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    Entries yes.

    Wind, not so much.

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